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Sep 24, 2005
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Ive just started doing minx but having few problems

A few on the nails are getting line marks in them, so not completly smooth, which im finding irritating.

And my crystal file has become completly smooth, have washed with warm as suggested on here. So when im filing im not getting a smooth finish.

AND have used my Black Minx lamp for 5 hours and the bulb has blown?? Was wondering if this is normal

Thanks for any answers xxx
Hi sharon my minx file has also gone smooth:cry: I had one for ages and dropped on floor and smashed it bought a new one and only used it a couple of times as it has gone smooth, I have washed it in warm water and took all residue off which left from the adhesive backing on the minx and still smooth, I am using my thin kanga board and an ordinary glass file, but it is a bit thicker than the minx one so not as good.

Anyone know how to sharpen a glass file??

When you say lines on the nails can you explain further what you mean? on the natural nail do you mean? are you prepping nail correctly prior to applying your minx, ? removing shine and dehydrating ? xx
Are the nail plates smooth? Or do they have ridges in them? I find with some peoples nails if they have small ridges not all designs look good on them. Esp the plain metallic ones as the ridges show up.

If its a line in the minx itself but the nail plate is smooth it could not be put on properly. I place the minx on in the middle of the nail then use the hoof stick to smooth it out towards the sides.
The nail plate was smooth as i did it over bio x

Its as if the minx is stuck together, i think its when im smoothing it down and im not smoothin it enough xxx
If the nail has got quite a curve/arch to it, start the application of the minx on one side working across to the other rather than laying it in the centre and working out.
I use my glass file and a kanga.
Not sure about the bulb blowing after 5hrs, maybe you should speak to your supplier :)

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