Temporary Tooth Filling - anyone had this before?


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OMG :eek: I went to the dentist this morning fo a filling in one of my teeth - the tooth had no visable holes, but an xray showed shadowing inside.

So, 2 injections later, the dentist begun drilling my tooth (I have never had a filling before so didn't know what to expect!) and my tooth began to feel very sensitive, he noticed me flinching and stopped, gave me another injection, and carried on. I was still feeling jolts of pain as he was drilling though so he stopped and said he'd have to continue another day once the nerves had calmed down. He put on what he said was a dressing, in the hole he'd drilled, it's bright white and very rough (and tastes of clove oil, bleugh). I've got to go back on the 23rd July for the rest of the treatment.

Has anyone had this before? How safe is it to eat on this dressing? I've not eaten anything yet, I am desperate for some food and a cup of tea, it's been about 2 and a half hours since it's been put on. The dentist said it'll last about 2 weeks but it feels quite powdery and doesn't feel like it'll last that long :eek:
Also, the numbness is wearing off and my tooth has a slight ache to it :confused: is that normal?

On a plus side, there's been very little dribbling from the numbed side of my mouth :lol:


Hi, having previoulsy worked as a dental nurse for many years, this sounds all very normal and above board. The filling sounds like a temp filling which do, sometimes taste funny, and feel alittle gritty. try to eat on otherside (he should have told you about eating on it?) but Im sure soft things on it are ok. if the injection was on an upper tooth, then there would be no dribbling from your mouth lol. and yes sensitivity is normal, as the nerves have been aggrivated, but this should settle after a few days, paracetamol will help. hth.


I had this a while back i had a temp filing for about a week then they done the proper one for me the pain is normal it will be sore for a few days yet:hug:


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Been there done that lol

Ive only ever had a problem with 2 temp fillings and that was because they was on the back teeth. I was having my fillings changed to the white ones and for some reason i had a reaction to the old ones been taken out (they had been in about 9 years) the pain was so bad i had to have temp fillings untill everything had settled but they didnt stand the course and fell out after a week!
The new white fillings didnt last either, such a waste of money and time and it wasnt till after i had them i was told they are not as strong.
In the end i had to have crowns as taking out, putting in, falling out x2 caused problems.
Im happy to say i now have a gob full of crowns but at least i have no problems and have no unsightly black fillings.


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Aw thankyou girlies.

Tooth is on the lower jaw. I feel ok now, just bruised from the injections. I can't until it's all fixed!

Thanks again xx