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Apr 1, 2012
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Ok, what's the nak of folding down the tent!!!??? I got my kit yesterday and i am terrible at folding up my little boys tent let alone this one! I am only 5'2 and feel like I am drowning!! Has anyone got any tips please! Can't really go to a client until I have this mastered!


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Try watchin some vids on YouTube hun. You'll have it sorted in no time :) x
When it's up fold one side into the other can be either side that way it should be flat but tall if that makes Sence.
Then what I do to stop it sliding about it to prop the clear bit of the tent (roof) against the bottom of my wall and bend it over so it's like halved then I fold it under itself when ya start doing it you can see the tent take shape to the closed position.

I kept watching this women it's really easy I kept doing it and doing to get it right.


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Yes watch the you tube and practice. I read where one woman went to a house to do a tan party and just couldn't fold it lol xx they do get easier the more you fold them xx
Hi. Have a look at nouvatans facebook page. There is a video Demo on there that I found really helpful! Good luck x
it took me a few times and then it just clicked in my head!!

have the tent flat, then holding the top part(smaller end) with the bottom part (bigger end)resting on floor push the top part over with one hand and then grab one side of the bottom and fold over then fold other bottom side over and voila!,

it sounds strange but when you are doing it, it should make sense!!

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