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Jan 11, 2003
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This morning I received the 'coolest' t-shirt made just for me!! :oops: I am so touched that Layla spent her time and her own money to do something so lovely - it is the sweetest thing and I am thrilled and 'chuffed'!! I will slip it on for all to see on Sunday!!! :oops: Thank you Baby Chicha :fro: My T BTW says 'Missy Chicha' on the front - all pink :pig: and girly and sparkly and on the back, my name and DN website!! It is too cool honest!!! :salute: :salute: :goal:
Aint she just the sweetest CHICHA going ;)
Mine arrived this morning also.............that girl it just so clever I have Dawnie Chicha on the front and Drnails on the back cant wait to wear it on Sunday :shock:
Cheers Layla love ya
Dawnie xxxxxxxxxx
:D I am so happy you like em gurlies :) We're gonna look so....glittery on sunday lol!!

BTW samantha, you've given me about a billion ''chicha names''! I opted for the original chicha name, went for Girly Chicha. My chicha name and logo is on the back of my top though cos I got a jacket to ruin, i mean decorate (i have a pretty top i wana wear underneath :oops: )

So, to the rest of you geekettes...if you see very strange women walking round in very pink & glittery tops with the geek logo on..come say hi!! lol!

See you VERY my fellow Chichas'n'Geekettes!!

Well girls

mine has not arrived yet looks lovely in the pics but no i didn't get it and if that postman has it on :gun: :hit: :arg:

hopefully will get it in the morning but it just aint fair :( :(
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