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Oct 9, 2010
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Further to my other post (refresher courses) does anyone have any knowledge or experience of The Carlton Institute? They offer short courses that might work as a refresher, a general beginnner beauty therapy course for 5 1/2 days, remember I am already qualified just seeking a refresher. I studied 2 years full time to qualify so am aware 5 1/2 days will scratch the surface but possibly that's all I need. Any experience of this training center? Thanks!
If you are already qualified and have your certificates for insurance purposes, you could always find a fello "geek" to help you out. ie shadow work in a salon ask questions, hands on etc etc... this way you could taylor make your training instead of going over old ground at unnecessary expense.... where are you based?? Just an idea
That's a great idea from Lynn to shadow a therapist.

About 3 years ago, I also returned to beauty after a long break to raise a family.

I set up a home salon and understand you can lack confidence in your self and you feel you need a refresher course. However, I also went on a course at the Carlton Institute for facials and had one booked for massage but actually cancelled it as, I really felt I did not gain much from the facial one. The course is so short it has a lot to get through and most of what they cover is basic and it will still be installed in you from your previous training and work experience.

I actually found the most useful way to spend my time and money was having treatments at various salons, practising on friends and family and buying up to date educational books to re-learn from, trades magazines, beauty show visits etc. Also,having treatments at local beauty colleges is great as you pick things up from the tutors instructing their students.

Also, if you plan to work for yourself and choose good, professional brands, you can go on their in house training courses where you will learn far more in depth information than you can on expensive short refresher courses.

Hth. Good luck!
Thanks so much, great ideas! How lovely to book a few treatments as a refresher, far more enjoyable! Also, am going to book those treatments at the local beauty college so they will be cheaper and I can listen in! Fab, fab, fab!

Thanks for your view on the Carlton institute, I did think it would be very, very basic after all I took 2 years full time to learn, albeit ages ago!

It's really daunting when starting out again, I am going to stock a professional range that offer training but I'm worried I'll look like a twit! :eek:
Feel sure you will soon regain your confidence.
One thing I suggest checking is any health/safety legislation which may have been introduced since last time. Boring but necessary,,,,,good luck!
its just a thought, but if you go with a skincare and bodycare company they will give you training, so you are ticking all of your boxes.

I chose Gerards for body and skincare and I get one to one training with the gerard's trainer and they also keep you up to date.

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