The Pin Prick Rash is back, but think I've sussed it


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Jun 15, 2010
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So..... a while back after using NSI Balance Gel on myself, I got the dreaded pin prick rash on my fingers and switched to l&p on myself.

After my previous thread this weekend about having no free edge, and doing a gel overlay and sculpting a free edge, I thought I'd try it again.

So... I did a set of short gel sculpts on myself. Knowing it was gel, I was so careful, in fact, so careful that what with doing it on and off with running kids around etc, I can categorically say I'm 99% certain, not one bit of gel touched even a cuticle, let alone a finger. I'm so chuffed with the sculpts, took me a whole day nearly because of being careful.

So overnight and this morning, boom, the rash is back. It's sooooooo itchy, however, its not just around the cuticle, its all the way up the side of my fingers, as far as my middle knuckle.

The ONLY thing that went on there that far up, was NURTURE OIL!! That has to be the only thing.

I did have some solar oil a while back, but passed it onto a friend to use, because I'd already got 2 bottles of nuture oil, 1 for me and 1 for clients.

I've looked at the ingredients to see if theres anything suspect in there thats leaping out at me, but can't compare to solar oil as I haven't got any.

Has anyone got both that they could tell me if theres anything in nuture oil that isn't in solar oil?

I'm going to use savlon and try and clear this up.
When you removed the tacky layer would you not have touched your skin this way. Remember the nail is porous so if there were allergens in the gel then it would have go on your skin through the nail.

Solar Oil contains Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rice Bran oil and vitamin E
Hi Fiona
someone suggested it might have been when removing the tacky layer, so I was very careful with that, going from cuticle downwards.

I can't be sure thats its not a case of somethings touched my skin somewhere and its spread up as far as my knuckles, or the rash is exactly where somethings touched it.

I did particularly lather my fingers with cuticle oil this time with my nn being so dry and it was right upto my 2nd knuckle.

Nuture oil has Soy Oil, Safflower Oil and Grapeseed Oil, that aren't in solar oil.

Right gonna just try something, might work, might not, going to put some nuture oil on my inner wrist and see if anything happens.
ah ha, 2 hours and my wrist is starting to itch, just down one side at the minute, could I have found the culprit!?

Also, weird question but thought I'd throw it out there anyway. IF, I'm allergic to something in the nuture oil and I've been covering my extensions in it, could that be why my nails are so dried out and brittle?
Very interesting, now you know it's one of those three will you do a patch test to narrow it down so to avoid it in the future? :hug:
Not sure if its the same thing, but I've used Soy Wax quite a lot before, used to be a chandler. I'm wondering about Grapeseed, but then never heard of Safflower!

Think I might just switch to solar oil anyway, I got my original small bottle off ebay, as haven't got a CND account yet.

It's getting around to finding a fax machine to fax my certs over.
That is an interesting find..well done you for taking the time to work it out.

However I wouldn't buy your solar oil from ebay as you can never be sure your getting the correct product (we have all heard that many people put different things in bottle etc)becuase you don't want to be back at square one trying to work out something else that maybe causing a itch etc

As for faxing..why don't you pop to your libary they offer a fax service costs about a £1 or so
Good luck :) xx

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