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Jun 18, 2007
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West Sussex
Have just been looking on ebay for one of these for facials and massage etc. Have seen one made by company called Health Line for a very good price be about £50 including postage. Couch weighs 12.9 kg is that good weight or too heavy.

Can anyone give advice on buying couch????:D
i have just purchased 2 couches from healthline, one pink one!! They are great value, a fraction of the prices in catalogues, couch is study, portable, adjustable height, extra wide, arm rest and face rest and arm sling. What else can i add ,grab the bargain now!
Delivery was 2 days. hth
When buying a couch you need to look at how much weight it can withstand- esp important if you are doing alot of massage and massaging male clients (if they are heavier). you want one that is nice and sturdy, and doesnt 'rock' when you are massaging.
If doing facials, one which has a headrest that raises is ideal (esp when doing pregnant clients/low bp clients etc).
If going mobile then how much it weighs is obviously important, esp if yuo have a high boot etc.
12.9kg is fairly lightwieght, the lighest is usually around 10- 12 kg.
Some couches are also height adjustable- great if yuo are quite tall.
Hths x
I bought one off here a few weeks ago a lovely Burgundy one it is fantastic, looks great adjusts to a good height and was delivered in great time my advice would be to go for it:hug:
Seems like this is a good one to go for but because I will be using for a mobile couch I am worried that it'll be a strain to carry around. Do any of you use it as a mobile couch??:hug:
i bid on one of those, they looked really good value
My couch i use for mobile weighs 12kg, i wouldnt say it is easy for mobile use, but its ok. I borrowed a friends once which was about 14/15kg and i could hardly lift it.
12kg for a mobile couch sounds fine to me. Mine is one of the heavier ones (15kgs) and I really struggle with it.

But I do love the fact that it is height adjustable though, so thats an option to check for.
You can get a trolley to put a mobile couch on if you struggle to lift one. I think Beauty Express stock one, but I'm sure other places do too.
Think I'll have to buy a trolley for mine as I have to get hubby to lift it for me! Its supposed to be portable but weighs more than me I think, it is nice though!! :) Not spoke or met anyone yet that has said a portable couch is really portable!!! :lol:

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