Thinking of opening another salon

Hiya everyone,
I need thoughts, feedback and advice please! For over a year I have been thinking about getting another salon, I have one already but feel like a new challenge. I have looked at a few premises but they havn't been right and one was perfect but another tenant got in b4 me, so I'm wondering if something is telling me not to do it !!
Is there anyone out there who has more than one salon ? if so is it worth going for ? Is it double the headache ? Do you seem to be needed in two places at once ? or should I be content with what I've already got ?


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As it will take up a lot of your time ,
Would you be prepared to give all this time to two businesses ?

If you have other commitments such as family and children I would think twice as it may become very stressful for you and the family ,
but only you will know for sure how much time you can give :hug:

lotus blossom

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well, you have pros and cons,
obviousely if you are doing well then expansion to another salon is great, clients will seek you out more i think as you have two salons,

will they be in the same vicinity of each other or different locations?
but you then have the times 2 of everything, business rates rent electric water etc, prs licences, etc etc the list is endless enough for one salon let alone two,

then you have the staff between the salons, it can end up a them and us situation

you will be needed in both places at once and unfortunately you will probaly end up having to put a manager in the one you dont work in all the time

but only you can decide,
what about moving to bigger premises?
more staff but only one lot of outgoings instead of two
good luck let us know how you get on


thanks for the advice, I think I'll try and forget it for a bit and see how I feel in a few months-maybe ? !