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Jun 3, 2010
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Does anybody pay for an ad with these?

Ive placed a free listing, and of course they tried to sell me a paid one, it did sound really good but didnt commit to anything just yet.

So just after a bit of advice really would you or wouldnt you pay for it?
Hello, personaly i wouldnt pay for it, i have heard of someone that paid for a £400 ad with and was promised to make more then £500 back and she hadent even made the price back that she paid for the ad! you would be better advertising on every free website you can, for example freeindex, my sheriff etc put it in google and you will get lots that come up, the more you advertise the higher you will be on google and this can all be done for free. HTH

Best of luck

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Hi definitely dont do it, I am one of the people who took out a £400 ad with and was told I would make this back within a month of advertising with them.
What they do not tell you is although you pay £39.95 a month you are tied in for the full year so cannot cancel without full payment.
I am quite disgusted that such a recognised company operates in this way and since taking out the advert in january of this year I have had only 3 calls from it.
I hope this helps, and just to add word of mouth is the most valuable form of advertising :hug:
I paid for Thomson local about 4 years ago when I first started. I paid £280 and didn't receive one client from it, not one!
Then at the end of the first year I had a sales person phone who was very rude and abusive and tried to bully me into paying for another year. I don't think so.
The only thing I did get from it was a lot of unwanted sales people ringing me up about everything from water-coolers to telephone lines.
Thanks guys ill give it a miss, they make it sound so good dont they luckily i havent tied to anything and wont be x

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