Time travel


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CND Shellac EA
Sep 7, 2011
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The west of Ireland
i don't know does everyone know that at the bottom of the page is a section call archive.

click on it and fly back in time.

for me 2005 in the nail geek section is bursting with information.

ah 2005 , i was slim and young, i might have been rich . no mention of recession then...
i love sassy hassy's contributions amoungst others.

do you go back in time..
what is your favourite archive page/year and what was the best piece of advice you found on there?
Oh boy, I just went for a look and you could lose yourself for days in there!

Thanks Rinn, I hadn't seen that link before, although some threads appeared like that from Googling at times. It was interesting to see the title of threads and how they were worded. I skipped many!
it's fab isn't it.

i love it and do spend a lot of time back there.

it's a brilliant research tool .

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