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Aug 8, 2007
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newcastle under lyme
hello everyone, not posted for a long time but still in training to be a nail tech! hope everyone is ok, but come on here for a bit of advice.

i have had acrylic enhancements done many times but tomorrow, (strictly in the name of research! :lol:) i am having fibreglass extensions. are these better? do they last longer? will they take longer to apply? any info from the experts would be much appreciated.

also, i have a friend who has been on a 1 day course and is now qualified (pissing me off because it will take me about 12 months!!!) anyway, she's applying "tip & dip" extensions, what are these? she says they are cheaper and easier to apply, does anybody have any info?

Lisa xxx
I have done "tip-n-dip" for over 15yrs.
Yes, they are easier to apply. Yes, they are easier to learn.

But, I have for the last 3yrs been doing UV Gel. And I now only do "tip-n-dip" for one-offs (clients who get it done for a special occasion and get rid of them after that, like graduating students, or weddings).

In my experience, and from what I gather on these forums: L&P (Acrylic) and UV Gel are stronger than tip-n-dip. They are also FAR MORE attractive, and you have many more options available to you.

With regards to wraps, I can't answer that. I dont have the experience.

I would only use tip-n-dip for special occasions. For long term wear, personally, I would choose uv gel or l&p.

HOWEVER, there are many that like the speed at which tip-n-dip is applied, client and tech alike.
I had many clients that loved them. That did well with them.
BUT many of them found them too brittle, in comparison to L&P or uv gel.

I would take a L&P or a uv gel course, and then later tip-n-dip or wraps, and use them as add on services, or alternatives; with uv gel or L&P being my mainstay.

NOTE: this is just an opinion.

thank you for the info!
Nobody else???... never mind....:irked::cry:

Lisa x
From what i can remember, when i did my training i was taught that acrylic where the strongest enhancements then fibreglass where not as strong but where stronger than gel and gel are the weakest. Dont know if this helps you or not :)
thank you, thank you, the article is fantastic, just what i needed to know!

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