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Feb 26, 2010
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I'm coming to the end of my acrylic career as basically I've had enough. I've just trained in eyelashes and about to do waxing plus I'm trained in shellac.

Ive been doing acrylic for three years, intermittently I admit but I'm fed up with my clients and the damage they do to their nails.

Before I throw in the brush I just have one more query. my clients are all horsey or cleaners so very hard on their nails.

When they had their first sets with tips the lifting and damaged doesn't seem to unmanageable but when the tip has grown out and we are back to. Overlays then they break corners and get horrendous sidewall lifting. Is there anything I. Can do about this, would I best best to never let the nails get to overlay stage say by filing back very short and sculpting a tip on. Are tips or sculpts stronger than the natural nail underneath because water can't get in or is it just that I really am crap at acrylic. Two of my clients have the driest skin and nails I have ever seen. When they get lifting under the nail looks like it has dandruff the build up of delamination is sooo bad.

Cheers guys don't really know what to do next. Btw I'm cnd trained and have done loads of 121 training. Karen xxxx

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