To start college level 3 or not?


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Jun 9, 2008
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Help im in a dilema.

I work mobile doing beauty therapy since Jan 2010 slowly starting to build up clients.

I have wanted to do massage courses but found them to expensive but i can go college a do level 3 diploma in massage for nothing. (£70 materials)

I thought i was to late to start this year as i went on holiday early sept so thought i shall apply for 2011/12.

The college has still got places in this course i would just be starting a month late.

Im stuck as what to do, do i go college now (I would loose £50 a week income) or wait until next year? (but then i could of built a bigger client base and be unable to go)

Please help me deside as what to as my huuby is useless at these things
it sounds like youve made your decision and its the same as i would do... go for it!! why pay for it if youy dont have to? x
I know i really tempted, my heart says yes my head says no!

I could still try and build up my clientelle as college is only 14 hours a week (mon -fri)

money issue or lack of it is worrying me but in the long run it could earning me more as you also learn self tanning application, hot stone, body massage, A&P, aramotherapy pre blended oils.

do you think i could still do studying as well as building up my clientelle. and going to my regulars.

Like i said i would be £50 down a week this is ontop of my mobile clients from another job which i would deffo have to quit.
go for it! :)

you may loose money now but learning all the new treatments now will most probably make you money in the future!

good luck with whatever you decide to do!
thank you, hubbys home i will have a word
Had a word with hubby he said no to going back college because i hated studying for my level 2 there. :cry:

He said to concentrate on building up my business, he just doesnt understand that this industry is all about training and learning and moving forward.

He has told me to save up the money and do the individual courses. (that would cost a fortune and have told him that but he said its better for me than college and there isnt much call for mobile massge etc)

Really dont know what to do now.
Hi, just try and explain to him the importance of level 3 and the cost effectiveness of doing it as opposed to the individual courses. Is there any reason why you did not enjoy your level two? Maybe you could do your level 3 part-time as it could be cheaper than the individual courses but leaves you more time than the full time course?
Just to throw my tuppence worth into the ring...I did the diploma in complementary therapy last year,VCTC, level 3+ ..aromatherapy(blending,chemistry of oils etc)reflexology, massage, a and p etc..we also used the hot stones and thai dumpling massage..BUT although we knew how to use them and were encouraged to use hot stones on clients..we werent shown the layout of stones on the body, theory of use etc..and the head tutor told us when we asked that she would give us a letter of competency for insurance..which never materialised despite being asked several times for it! Turns out that because it wasnt actually a module in the syllabus, we wouldnt be insured to do clients anyway,with or without the letter! so technically it was a complete waste learning it at all!! :irked:(The stones and thai, not the course..!) It was ,allegedly,a 'knowledge of' thing..(which we werent told till we got to the end and no letter!) So now I am going to have to pay to learn it all privately with an accredited course provider, so be careful 'cos what you think sounds great may not get you where you want to be..especially with the insurance side of things, iykwim, but a level 3 would make you more employable if you wanted to go into a salon..
Good luck with your decision making..
You say you would lose £50 a week, I did NVQ level 3 last year and because it was my 1st level 3 course I received £30 per week EMA :) That may be worth looking into.

I didn't enjoy going back to studying in a college environment but at the end of the day I figured it was 9 months of my life to get another qualification.

HTH's and good luck whatever you decide to do :hug:
I would definately do the college course, most therapists with just level two are unemployable, as its level 3 work that most salon's' make money on. I think your husband is not looking at the whole picture here, why pay individually for all these courses when it would be a much more comprehensive qualification than a few 'day courses' that you will need quite a lot of practice to feel confident to do any treatments. Stick to your guns girl, do the course, you will soon make up the lost money in a year's time.:hug:
thanks for all you replies and good, kind advice. Im having a serious think over the weekend and ringing the college up on monday to see what they say.

I didnt enjoy my level 2 as an older learner (25 at the time) being with the young ones in my group (16plus) was a real head spinner. Also lecturers treated you like a child as well even if i was older than most of them.

Hubby just doesnt get this business at all.

I dont plan to work in a salon again unless it is my own and i really love my mobile business.

Thanks again xx:hug:
Your level 3 could be good experience, as beauty therapy requires you to have good people skills and get on with people of all ages and back rounds, if you aren't good with people you won't be successful in this industry.

Best of luck with whatever you decide to do.
I do generally get on with all people of different ages and backgrounds.

my clients now range from 16 to 94 is my eldest lady.

People skills is deff not a thing i dont need to learn anymore on.

I just didnt like all the back stabbing that went on last time and to be honest the college wasnt great but it is either do level 3 for nothing there or go to another college and spend £600plus just to do the course its self.

I couldnt get EMA last time because my husband earnt to much (not that he rakes it in mind) and i was too old for it.
hi there,
well i have been a working beauty therapist for 7 years with just NVQ lEVEL 2, I have done a few extra courses like spray tanning and lash extensions. But I want to teach eventually and need my level 3 so i have just gone back to college to do my level 3 i have cut my hours down to just 16 hours a week but its only til june. You can still start now i dont think you would of missed much as im sure you will pick it up quickly.

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