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Suzanne R

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Mar 8, 2003
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This is our receptionist toes that I did a pedi on today. She is the best advertisment and will show EVERYONE her toes :D. The base color is a lavender which isnt visable in the pic.


Check out that little toe......WOW :!:
Nice work. I love doing toe nail art, and love wearing wild colors and fun toe nail art. :sunny:
love ur work, its wicked!!
love trace :D
They look lovely esp like the french polish effect!!! Its amazing how nail art can transform fingers and toes i now swear by it for one its great advertisement with no cost only your time!!!

Lou xxx :D
WOW those are fantastic
......I don't post a lot in the nail art section, but those toes are TOOOOO COOOOL!!! Well done Suzanne!!! 8) :thumbsup:
Oh boy they are so pretty.
Well done babe, keep up the great foot-work.
Love Ruth xxx
I really like the art...Great Job! :D
They are eally good, do I detcet the subtle use of a 'Filbert' brush there on those petals??

Excellent, keep it up!!!
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