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liza smith

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Jul 1, 2003
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sittingbourne, kent
hiya all :D
last week, i applied a full set of forever french to a clients toenails :shock:

it took me a lot longer than i anticipated(1hr 30)even though the nails were tiny, there was a LOT more prep than with fingernails.

i sculpted them so that they were all the same shape, not so they were 2 inches long :shock: , which is what most people thought when i told them!

just an another bit of info, she happens 2 b a page 3 girl, & if anyone happened to stumble across top of the pops last fri. she was the girl holding a chainsaw in the benni benassi song "satisfaction" :shock: :shock:

when asked why she wanted her toenails done, she said that all her model friends were having it done eversince victoria beckham was reported to have had it done 8)

i also used glimmer powder instead of pink(very bling bling 8) )

so b warned, this may be the next big thing in designer accessories 8)

lol liza xx
i have got 2 clients who have coloured acrylic on their toes......i am yet to do french
well done they sound fab! :)

bit concerned about this, I don`t touch feet until they have been washed, yuk. How do you do your prep, and how do you manage to get forms on those tiny toes?????
Well guys and gals,
This sounds fab
So gonna try this tomorrow on Faye .............
I got the performance Forms and they should do the trick..........

If it's good enough for Victoria then it's evenbetter for my Faye.........
As for feet, I don't mind them at all......
Cool blue them and the they are as fresh as a daisy..........

So watch this post for some great toes lol
Well maybe just good ones, great ones come after a lot of practice......
lots of love Ruth xxxx
hiya debs
with regard to prep for toes, i used cool blue 1st
then cuticle remover to remove any untidiness around cuticle area. :?
used nippers & curette probe to get any stubborn bits :shock:
then removed surface shine(not easy on little piggies) :?
srubfresh as usual.

as for the forms, i needed to cut out the oval a LOT for the big toe!

i discovered that it was easier to alternate the application i.e trying to fit the forms around the toes is particularly fidly, & if youre not carefull you will disturb the previous form which will not yet be set.

i was especially carefull in zone 3, lets face it, there isnt much zone 3!

i will let you know how she has got on when she comes back in :D

lol liza xx
I like my toes to look as good as my hands.

I have had my big toe nails overlaid for YEARS and years.

If I break any of the others, they have to have a sculpted nail on immediately ... I can't stand toes that don't look as perfect as can be.
I've got quite a few clients with gel overlays on their toes - coloured and french. It looks great, especially with a couple of gems on them. Only prob is infil, it's really tricky buffing down the gel on little toes!
hi ya girls :D i was wondering what do you charge for toe nail enhancements? and i presum if the pinky was too small you wouldnt apply as there would be no getting away from those side walls :shock:
nickki jonesx
It is impressive how the acrylic stays on the toenails - just shows how great enhancements would be for the clients on fingernails if they weren't always 'playing' with them - people don't 'play' with their toes so much!! :D

A toe enhancement can stick on to even the smallest amount of toenail. I have done this time and again. I use Retention+

For myself, I just have the smaller toes sculpted if I have broken one - I never rebalance mine, but just buff occasionally until the enhancement grows off and the nail is restored again.

My big toenails I overlay all the time. I go barefoot a lot here in Spain and I would always be bashing them and knocking the corners off If they were not reinforced.

So don't worry Nickki about the toenails being small - you will be surprised at the results. I never even use a form to sculpt the smaller toes unless I wanted French ... But here I always wear bright coloured enamel on my toes.

This quote got me thinking:

If I break any of the others, they have to have a sculpted nail on immediately ... I can't stand toes that don't look as perfect as can be.

Now for the embarrassing bit :oops: :oops: :oops: I have almost no nail on both my little toes. I always paint my toe nails and at the minute I'm supporting purple (to hide the nice black nail I have from trapping it in the garage door :evil: )and from a distance it only looks like I've got 4 toes!

The nails are what some people call a 'birds beak', it grows upwards instead of along the nail bed and there is only about 0.5 cm of it, it has been this way since birth :? Is it possible to sculpt some kind of nail and how would I fit the form?

Many thanks for any help
The weird toe nailed freak :D
hi tracysnails
u must be my werid toe freak twin. :D cause my little toes are like yours they are well im thinking of trying to sculpt them tomorrow :rolleyes: will let u know how i get on .
Don't even bother to use or to try to fit a form on these little toe nails..

Much easier to just use a small bead and press it out and into shape. You will find it works a treat.
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