Too many nail techs in area and feeling in competition all the time!


I only live in a smallish town in northamptonshire and when i decided to start doing my nails from home i didnt know many other nail techs.. now dont get me wrong considering ive been doing nails now for just over year im well in profit and i have regulars but i feel like im forever competing with other nails techs in my area whenever people ask for nail technicians in the local area no one ever recommends me then you start to doubt where are you going wrong..?? Do people not like me and my work.. !! im not sure if im having one of those days but im also sick of my clients coming to me or when they see me around saying"my nails broke" like it's my fault and im having a break from these soon or im going to acrylics cuz my nails are broke! does anyone else feel like this as a nail tech today i feel like giving up and letting other people have my custom if im not good enough. I absoutley love doing nails it's my passion and always has been but i suffer badly with confindence and just constantly feel like other nail techs are better.... :(


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All areas are highly populated with competition.

Do what makes you happy. 100% nails or nails and an additional source of income.