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Aug 5, 2010
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im new here :rolleyes:

Im looking to see if anyone has used the tan solution named Trade Tan?
I normally purchase my spray from Fake Bake but sick of constantly being told they are out of stock - so considering using this trade tan? Its being sold by the NSI Scotland Stockist.

thanks in advance
L x
I have been having the same problem for months and am sick of them! I went with Nouvatan afew weeks ago after peoples advice on here and love it and even better my clients prefer it! (it's cheaper too! bonus) I would try them xx
I had a similar problem. I used the trade tan from NSI.

And I got a colleague to spray me first so I could see how it was.
It was fine, very even. Smell wasn't too bad. I didn't have any problems with it.

Only thing I didn't like is it only came in 12% or 16%.
The 12% was very dark. Lol I got a shock when I looked in the mirror as I'm not used to it.
However, some clients want that look so in that way it's a good thing.

HTH :) xx

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