training and makin money?


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Mar 11, 2003
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hi i am new to this board and jus wanted some of your opinions really.

i am training still at college in manciure and artificial nails. i do friends nails and people they know they sometimes refer to me. this gives me alot of practise and im quite good now.

i feel abit weird chargin them to as im not fully qualified yet, do you think i should or not? it would be nice to have the xtra money.
thanks :)
at college we were always told to charge people we were practicing on even if it was just to cover the cost of products. it did feel werid charging and not being qualified but you get used to it,i didnt charge my mum or best friend but every one else was charged £5 and told it was to cover product costs. then as i got better i advertised in post offices and shops that i was a trainee tech and charged a £10 got a lot of practise that way and people were happy for me to pratcise :D . and some are still regulars now and didnt mind i put the price up to salon prices.but you should be charging otherwise people will walk all over you.
cool, thanks.

i think i will start to advertise now as well. i feel i can do a good job now. :)

hopeflly make abit too. :D
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