Training company cancelled on me?


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Sep 18, 2013
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Hi Geeks

I was all paid up to do semi perm eyelash extension next week, however received a call from the provider saying there had not been enough bookings and the course was cancelled. They've offered me an alternative date of mid November, or January next year but I'm really unhappy as wanted to offer a Christmas package and have the time to practice on friends and family!

I tried to google to see if I can get a refund, and it seems it's not the first time this company has done this! There was an article in the paper and because the lady had opened the pre course info that gets sent when you book, she was classed as having started the week long course and lost out on £700?

I have no holidays left and I'm really gutted. Can anyone suggest what I should do? I really want a refund and to book with the company I did my waxing with as they were superb, but I don't know if I'm legally right to demand one or not ?

Many thanks
Demand a refund, document all correspondence and threaten with trading standards.

They will soon refund.

Surrey Girl through and through x
There are so many, even reputable, companies that do this, it seems to be commonplace. A lot will not carry on a course without a set number of students, take money up front from students and then cancel due to lack of numbers.

You are entitled to a refund unless it stated on the booking form that this was a distinct possibility. They are in breach of contract otherwise as you booked for a date, not just a course that may or may not happen. Giving alternative dates is not necessarily convenient for you and you shouldn't accept it.

I make the promise not to cancel a course due to lack of numbers, it is up to me to fill my courses and if I can't then I must just suck it up. That way my students can rest assured that their course will take place on the day that they have confirmed with me and that they will never be left in limbo land having paid for a course without it actually happening and not being able to book a replacement course with someone else because the company who cancelled are hanging on to it.

Demand a refund and if they don't then talk to your local Trading Standards office. Good luck my darling :wink2:
Thank you for the replies!

I will definitely call them back on Monday and explain the situation more. Really freaked me out to see the company in the news for the same thing, just hope that the bad publicity they got for the last time has made them change their process?!

Will definitely be on to trading standards. It's that tricky situation where you don't want to cause too much of a big deal, because there is every possibility I might end up having to do the course with them after all!
You shouldn't feel intimidated my darling, there are a lot of trainers in the Edinburgh area so you shouldn't feel tied to a company that have let you down.:wink2:

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