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claws said:
we have just got the winning nails video and sorry but the quality is so bad on the copy that it is hard to watch.

ooof if thats the case... return it. It looks like there may have been a batch that (when transfered to PAL) were squiffy. Return it for a proper copy!

As for it not being as in depth as you require... fair enough... but sadly, I dont know of any other video that goes more in depth than that one.
Its very difficult to make videos for several reasons:
a- they are mega expensive to make (Winning nails was around £100,000)
b- the ever changing line (the product lines are enhanced and changed constantly, therefore it becomes dated quickly)
c- the techniques change quickly

Anyhooo... thats usually why you wont find a more in depth video - more £££ to invest, more frequently.

Anyhoo... thanks for the kudos... get that video swapped!



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Mar 3, 2003
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hello everyone. :)

it is our first time posting on this site although we do drop in to see what you are all chatting about. my daughters have just done their tips/overlay & sculpture course here in newcastle with kathrine rae ( all creative products) what a great time they had (me too i was the model) what a nice lady she is.

anyway we would like to know if anyone knows were they can get the new leighton denny video? we realy wanted to come to the show but due to work commitments i could not drive them down :(

we have just got the nail mag and the video is mentioned in it, they have just sent off for the 2 creative videos and the untouchables video. but because we don't get many shows up here they are trying to get as much info as they can to help them improve. any help you can give most welcome. bye for now ( i hope this works never done a post like :D this :D

great site mr geek :thumbsup:
My best advice here is to take it slow and steady ... in your initial enthusiasm it is easy to become an 'info junkie' and this can lead to confusion.

For instance ... I just watched a video put out by a company that sells a kit so that people can learn from home :rolleyes: I was very suprised and annoyed to see that they are teaching that a 'green nail' is caused by molde and mildew (for crumbs sake - how old is THAT myth?) instead of what it really is which is a simple bacterial infection AND the preparation steps include 'roughing' up the nail surface til it is fuzzy, with a 100 grit abrasive AND THEN THEY APPLY PRIMER!! NOT ONLY THAT :evil: They teach as standard on that video, to use NEAT monomer liquid to brush over the finished enhancement (for what purpose I have no idea) How dangerous is THAT??

So my point is I guess, take it slowly and develop the good habits that Kathrine has undoubtedly taught you before viewing everything there is to view, and then when you DO view, you can make up your own mind based on solid grounding.

Hi Claws, have you or your daughters actually seen the Leighton Denny video yet? I bought it at the show. The phrase "if you can't say anything good don't say anything at all" springs to mind :D But seriously, I don't think there's anything on this video that would benefit your newly trained daughetrs. Better at this stage to practice, practice and practice further the skills taught to them by Katherine.
many thanks for the replys. i had thought that videos made by experienced nail techs would be helpfull for the girls to watch and see the pros in action, as i am sure you will agree there is soooooooooo much to take in on the course. Kathrine was a fab teacher and we all said she should do a video but you are all right there is no substitute for practice

many thanks for your quick replys, what a great site this is :thumbsup:
bye for now sandra
Hi Claws, You daughters sound as eager to get hold of all the info they can, which is great. There is however, something to be said for what Geeg has told you. I know because I too in all my excitment to learn as much as possible about this fabulous industry became a bit of an 'info junkie'. My problems stemmed from poor basic training and with no guidance I tried to sort it for myself, result - total confusion! I feel I have to add to the video thing, and I'm sorry but my points are negative too. I bought the 'Nailtech' vol 1, by the Untouchables, some months ago. What a waste of money. I really admire their work but this is useless. It maybe okay to show to someone who is considering entering the nail industry, it would give them a very vague idea but if you're expecting any tips or tricks - forget it. If this is one of the videos you have sent for I would cancel it if I were you. Sorry to sound so negative but this video is basic beyond belief.
Why not try the Winning Nails video?

"Finishing Rocks!"
hi there geek :king:
we have just got the winning nails video and sorry but the quality is so bad on the copy that it is hard to watch. I thought that it was very strange as we also got the manicure and pedicure video and the quality on that was great,and very upmarket. The winning nails video was quite informative (what we could see ) and great as it was all creative products. That is what my girls have been trained on, but they thought it could have been more indepth and longer on each section.

Sorry that it is not possitive responce but i can only tell you what is real.

We feel that for newly trained nail techs there is a big gap in the info that is available to them. a well done informative video that could be watched at home over and over would be a great asset, not to take away from practice as this is and should be the best teacher, but to compliment the training they have already had. We would be interested to hear if other newly trained techs thought the same??

anyway your site rocks :thumbsup: and thank god its here as both of my daughters have downloaded lots of info from it already.
many thanks to everyone that has took the time to reply we are very gratfull xxxxxxxxxxxx
:D claws
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