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Aug 28, 2003
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hi everyone, i am doing an en acrylic home learn nail course just now as due to ill health i am unable to attend a nail course anywhere but hopefully i will be able to get out and about a bit more soon, so i am trying to save like mad for when i am able to do a creative course :)

the thing i wanted to ask was.....i am getting on great with my nails on the en course (almost ready to submit them to gina for marking) so i now feel that i would like to have a go on a real person instead of handy andy the trainer.....well my friend wants me to do a set for her as she is going away next weekend for a few days and she want to get glammed up :p

so the thing is i dont want to be going out and spending lots of money on products that might not be very good, also i dont feel any need for large supplies right now either so some trial kits would suit me fine but i dont know what brand to go for, i also dont know who will sell me their products without yet being certified (i did get a star nails one about 7 years ago but never followed the course up and i didnt rate their products either :( ) or if there are any companies who will send some sample free of charge hoping to get a new customer :?: :?:

as i said i really want to train with creative and i know that i cannot purchase any l&p from them yet as i need to be product trained to use it

so can anybody help me find something suitable to use just now pleeeeeeeze :D

oops i forgot to add that i am also looking for some easy blend tips, i know creative do a brill one but i dont know if i can order tips withought being certified either :?:

can anybody help.........i soooooooo want to help my mate out by doing her nails and i also want the practise of doing a real set

Can you not use the products that you are using for your Essential Nails course? All products work slightly differently in terms of ratio etc. Why confuse yourself with trying out a new product for a one off set of nails.
I have an NSI sample kit if you want to buy it - I use Creative now so I don't need it. I also have star's new performance sample which you can have for nothing with the other one as I got it for free at ExCEL. I also have some other ones lurking in my cupboard. Mail me direct if you want. None of them have really been used very much if at all.
I agree with Fiona. Use what came with your kit.

No one ... companies or otherwise should be supplying anyone with professional products, who has not got a certificate of competence.
hi the products you will be using are pinnacle these are available from a company called nailorder.
ring essential nails they should have their details a word though you have only been supplied with a weak version of primer you can only get the proper primer for human hands off essential nails once you have finished the course.
you can use your pinnacle products supplied with your kit without primer as long as you prep properly first this should be fine to practise with until you have passed and can have the proper primer.
the trick is finding them. A lot of suppliers just dont stock them, or stock an extremely limited selection of them, because they dont sell very well.

I have right now starter kits for
creative radial
creative retention
ezflow salon acrylic system
opi competition 3000
opi n2000

so I darn well know that such animals do exist, hey

and they are great for those that have use for them and a low price way to experiment with a differenct product. I, however, cannot supply you, as I am in the USA and since 9/11 security I cannot ship this type of chemical items in an overseas flight. Sorry.
But, surely someone over there can come to her aid. Surely some of the larger supply houses in the large UK cities must stock a few starter kits ???
Wonder why they dont sell well? I have been told, do U know why ?
Hi Ken...

The problem in the UK lies in the lack of licensing.
If this were the US and she was licensed... there would be zero issues with the situation. Unfortunately she hasn't completed a recognized training course and as such, most companies will not run the risk of supplying starter or trial packs, hence the frustration.

I also agree with the other posts. I think you need to stick to one system whilst you get your feet grounded. After that... by all means find the system that is going to work for you.

One reason why some companies shy from trail kits is:
People will almost ALWAYS end up with inferior results as they will use the techniques (and rest of the products) from the system they currently use.
If someone tries out Brand X L&P with a brush that was just used to apply Brand Y L&P... well... you know where I am headed ;)
thanks for the replies guys.....i did know that the primer with my en kit is only for use on the training hand that is why i did not think that the acrylic would be of any use without it for use on a human.

the other reason that i was trying to find out what anybody else could recomend was so that if or when i pass my course then i would be able to have a product lined up that i have tried and liked to be able to use straight away. i also do not intend in doing nails for anybody else other than myself and friends and family untill i have had some more training, it is just something i have chosen for to do again as a sort of hobby right now as i am stuck in the house a lot

as i said in my previous post, i do have a star nails certificate somewhere that i got at the end of a four day course a good few years ago but i did not follow it up with any further training as i lost interest when i became ill.

I think it is great that being 'stuck in the house' and not feeling 100%, you have done something with your time. You are to be admired.

BUT I think you can be in no doubt as to the brands of product that will be recommended to you from the technicians on this site --- It is pretty clear which are the favorites!!

When you hae gained your certificate of competence, You can purchase a try me kit (a Creative Retention one anyway for 5.95) or kits, and make up your own mind then. Creative have sold and given away try me kits for years - thousands of them - and they have been a wonderful marketing tool.
yeah i know what your saying geeg, everybody rates creative sooooo much :D
before i started the en course i was going to give another course (wasn't sure at the time what one though as had only just found this website) a bash but i decided against it incase i could not cope with it just now and it would have been a lot of money wasted

i have now read through all the old posts on the forum and when someone posts a question i cant wait for a reply as i am learning so much with every post, all you geeks are so clued up :D

you all make the products that you talk about sound so exciting i just hope that one day i can be as clued up myself

whilst I totally agree about the safety issues that everyone has raised in this post, I would not buy from a company who would not supply a sample to me. This is one of the reasons for me going with creative and not EZFlow (there were many other factors). I tried loads of products out on my trainer hand, and researched lots of points before committing to one brand. It is such a huge commitment financially that if you get it wrong it can cost you a very large amount of money.

I knew that the results from the samples would improve with product training, but I also knew that some of them I hated from the start - the smell, the feel, the colour, the packaging etc. These things you cannot tell from a catalogue. Everyone has different requirements and concerns - samples form part of your research.

Star were giving out samples of their new performance at ExCEL, and I have to say that it made me try it (would not have paid for any more of it as I had used the old one) and I found that it was much better than the old one I had done a training course in.

Noone asked ever at ExCEL if I was certified or insured (which I am) - they just sold me products - even the top end reputable brands!!! I know the tickets are restricted, but students get in - they are not qualified are they?
hi ya...u should be able to get on a creative conversion course with ur star nails certificate...i did...i qualified with star nails in 1997 then did nothing for 6 years, then i went on the creative conversion this year...i spoke to a diane plummer about it...i originally phoned up to enquire about nvq, but she suggested creative conversion then the 3 master classes, then nvq...
vicky :)
Ella, I totaly hear what you are saying, but at a show with 10,000 people it is simply impossible to act as a police force. You've seen what it is like, just imagine!!! Now if techs had a licence they could show it would make it easier - a lot easier - but they can't carry their certificates around with them every time they attend a show.

We have actually thought about licensing our own trained technicians for this very purpose but with the speed of the growth of the industry over the years it is something we have never had time to implement.

At least a sample is a sample and if given away - even to an untrained person - they couldn't go out and start up a business with it. Most likely just use it on themselves and one can buy liquid and powder from Boots the chemist so it isn't much worse than that.

I have also been wanting to test several of the different companies products, before i decide to do a convernsion, and I managed to buy a sample kit from NSI with no trouble at all (they didnt even ask if i was qualified - tut tut!) they are £6.50. These arrived the next day and were great, enough to make several sets of nails.

Creative on the other hand were really unhelpful (sorry geeg) I phoned one person to be given another number, then another, then be passed on to someone else....finally i ask someone who seems to know what hes talking about, only to be told that creative dont even do sample kits, (im glad to hear now that they do geeg!) but if i send copies of my certificates he would see what he could do. 2 weeks later.....IM STILL WAITING!

So definitely go for nsi, quick and simple with no hassle. However, im still gonna do the creative course because all the people in this site cant be wrong, and Creative are very well established. If anyone can give me the number to call to get a creative trial kit i would be really greatful!

If you do decide to use the items that came with you kit, read them all carefully because i dont think the glue is suitable for use on a human nail, or the primer.

On the contrary, I apologize to you for the lack of service.

It would help if you would pm me with the name of the distributor you contacted or where they were located.

We certainly do have bazillions of Try Me kits and have always had them for as long as we have been in business. Even I became a convert after receiving a try me kit!! Many moons ago!! :rolleyes:

Again apologies for the seeming lack of interest. I'm sure we can make sure that you receive a Retention+ try me kit if you will pm me your address and training details and experience.
jomacswan said:
If you do decide to use the items that came with you kit, read them all carefully because i dont think the glue is suitable for use on a human nail, or the primer.


You cannot use the glue on a natural nail - it is designed for use on the nail trainer only. I think you should be able to buy the adhesive on it's own and the use the pinnacle stuff that came with your kit.

Just my two penneth worth!!! :)
I had great success with creative samples. I spoke to Christian in the marketing dept. Leeds office. It arrived next day - fabulous!
Hi everyone,
I have learned loads from this posting. I purchased two ess training kits, sculptured nails & airbrushing. Thay should explain that the primer is for use on the nail trainer only! No wonder my nails are lifting. I think the concept of home training is great However it does not replace classroom training, also the background music in the video drives me crazy. I have spent £800.00 on both my kits and I am ready to send my work for assesment, but I still don't feel confident enough to provide L&P sculpts in my salon.
Best wishes
oh my gawd, what have i started here :oops:

i am only wanting to try a few different brands as like ella says every brand works differently so that i can do this one off set for my pal just now and the rest will probably all get used on handy andy my faithfull trainer :p so that once i feel that i can do sets on my friends and family after passing my course (hopefully) then i will have a product that i know i trust and can use untill i am able to train with creative

i do not intend to even start doing nails and charging for them untill i do a lot more training but i know there are thousands out there that dont think it is necessary to train at all and just go out and do a bad job, they are the ones who give the real professionals a bad name :x

oh and buy the way guys thanks for the info about the nail trainer adhesive and primer, i already knew that it couldnt be used on humans so that is why i thought that the acrylic could not be used either

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