Trouble with my Cuccio Pronto gel, please help


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Nov 29, 2013
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I trained using cuccio pronto and qualified I invested in lots of cuccio pronto gel colours and glitter gels, but having problems with them they seem really thin and runny even after stirring, and when applying its like its patchy and comes back off with the brush, but if I apply more it floods the nails plz help
any advice plz n e 1? would really appreciate it
I use cuccio, I only ever had this when it really wasn't stirred properly?

Some of the gels, pink and lilac in particular required the bottom of the pot being scrapped, was lying so thick, then restirred.

Wouldn't cure properly until this was done

thankyou so much for your comment, I do stir them but like you say maybe not enough, I will try this again and really give it a good stir, thankyou :)
I have used these gels before too and love them.
If your having problems i know they have a contact number you could call, it will be on their website. They have always been helpful when i have phoned them :)
ok thankyou if I have any problems with them after giving them a good stir I will ring them thankyou :)

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