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Jan 25, 2010
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Avon NY
Heres my problem. The owner of the salon wants to have an open house at the salon and wants to invite cleints and people from the community which is great. However,some of the things she is having as part of the party is completley inapproiate for an occasion like this and should be left for a private party at her home. She basically doesnt care what we have to say about it.Now,should I be at the party to support MY part of the business or let her be humilated alone....PLEASE HELP!!!:?:
What do you think is unsuitable for an open day, it is hard to comment without knowing the ins and outs?
She wants to invite someone who does adult toys.
Haha, wheres my invite!!!

Only kidding, I must agree that it sounds a bit risky!

Did you say you had aired your views with her? What was her response to this? What do your collegues think?

This could put a number of clients off coming to the salon as they may get the wrong impression of what your salon offers! x
No NOT appropriate for a spa open day party at all on any level.

Where in her advertising does it say you are also an adult shop??

Does she not get the damage this could do to her spa?

If it's an open day, then she will have people from all walks of life from young to old and there is no way this is ok for this kind of open day.

I know if I walked in and saw this sort of thing, I would run and never return, it would not give off a nice vibe at all about what the business is about.
I would be scared that if I came in for a pedi/mani that I wold be hassled to purchase/look at adult stuff and if I wanted to do this, that is what an adult store is for, not a spa salon.

You really need to get through to the owner that this is not the place to be doing this, I agree, leave it to a private home function.
I have been to these kind of private parties and they are fun but it's not a public business thing by any means.
What would be the laws on this in your area?

If she will not change her mind, I would NOT be there on the day as I would not wish to let ANYBODY think I was part of it and then I would explain to ALL MY clients that I objected to it and why.

Good luck, I think your boss is crazy:)
Just tell her politely you can't attend as you do not want to be associated with that type of product in the working enviroment. It's not an unreasonable thing to say.

I personally think she hasn't thought it through properly as the potential damage which can be done is enormous. We all fight to stop any association with anything to do with the sex trade within our professional fields and this is not the way head.

This is absolutely fine for a girls night in etc. but for a proffesional beauty salon, no way jose and you are quite right with your inital feelings about it all.
Ditto what's been said already.

Personally, it sounds if she's trying to build her own entertainment collection. Parties like this offer the hostess benefits... (hmm that sounds kinda 'punny' lol)

It is DEFINATELY innpropriate. It's one thing to invite a long standing client, with whom you have a strong rapport to one of those parties. That's entirely different.
BUT to have that as the focus of an Open House sort of day?
WRONG MESSAGE and totally innapropriate.

I personally don't want to discuss sex-toys with strangers milling about. There are some that don't want to discuss them at all.Then the rare few that don't care one way or the other.

She SHOULD be focusing on promoting services. Maybe offering package deals. Or 'samples' of different services to show the clients and prospects what's available (one manicured/enhanced nail) or a parafin dip or whatever etc etc.... Introducing new product lines and offering samples of said products to encourage retail. Gift bags to the first 'whatever number' that show up. All kinds of things to promote the services and products retailed.
SHE SHOULD MOST CERTAINLY NOT be having an erotic products party with the intent of building her own personal collection.

HOW TACKY! Not a very classy way to do things, to my mind.
Just wanted to echo all the other thoughts above, but also to add - what would happen if a client popped in with their children?! Even if you are not there, there's always the danger that if your clients go they will link you and your business with all this. Please try and get her to see sense! x
You would have to be sure that the clients coming were open minded enough to not be offended by this. I agree if I had attended a spa open day and saw an a** s*****s party rep there I would wonder why as it has nothing to do with mani/pedi/facial etc. I'm not alarmed by such parties and I wouldn't then think the spa offered more intimate things in association with massages BUT it is not an appropriate thing for this day.

Could you suggest they had it in a separate room with a warning on the door about what is being promoted inside and then you can attend the open day and the owner could offer this privately rather than on show to everyone who attends? When she sees how few people go inside this room she will know for next time not to offer it!
Smooth - you're totally right, that's a great compromise. That way, aug2052 could promote herself set up with all her stuff away from this AS stuff and the owner can have a separate room. This would also be the best way to approach the situation from the "someone coming in with their children" point of view. That way you're not digging at her idea, you're helping her to promote the salon and hiding away the willies that no one wants to see in a nail place.

I completely understand that it's not something you want to be associated with and I feel exactly the same but if you're worried about offending your boss (no one likes working for someone who hates them...) then that's the way to go.

I hope it all goes OK, took me a while to figure out what A** S*****s was, then realised after going through multiple possibilities...x
I hope it all goes OK, took me a while to figure out what A** S*****s was, then realised after going through multiple possibilities...x

I just thought I wouldn't advertise their business, when looking at it now, I just keep thinking the first word could be ass :eek:. But yes, Lilypip, it is a good compromise
Thanks ladies for all your input. I know that my co-workers are not happy with the idea either but im not sure if they have said anything to her. Shedoes plan on having it in a private room but that doesnt really make me feel any better,people will know whats going on back there. I just find the whole idea disgusting. Thanks again for everyones thoughts.

Wish me luck....

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