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Sep 20, 2007
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Rather than rush into buying all the equipment and products, why not try the treatment first? Sometimes, the treatment is not what you envisage.

I am wanting to do chocolate wraps, and have asked about this on the forum already. Well, sometimes I get a bit obsessive, and build things up, so thought I would nip this in the bud and went to a day spa today for a treatment.

they had a 25 minute wrap with scalp massage (which I had) and a 55 minute treatment which is an exfoliation, massage and wrap.

I asked the therapist a few questions, and I observed everything, ie how the room was set up, how the therapist explained the treatment and the process.

It also is helpful to see the standard that you need to work to/or improve.

I also did this once when I was asked to provide freelance work at a top spa. Well, I worked myself up about being able to work to the standard I expected from a top spa. I booked a treatment before I started and KNEW that my standards were higher, so felt more relaxed about working there.

Has anyone else done this?
I do this all the time! Not normally anywhere near where i live though but its always good to get different ideas and see what other salons do.

How did you find the wrap?? I am also thinking of introducing a chocolate wrap but not sure which one yet.
Yes - when I am away I love to go for treatments to suss out how things are done. Like you say it does also put in perpective how well you do things at the minute.
I haven't been to a salon/spa since I have trained but it's a fantastic idea. Especially like you say if you want to find out about a new treatment.

Great idea - I'm off to book myself some pampering!!!:)
Ive not done this as of yet, although i keep meaning to. I dont pamper myself enough. And my own leg hairs are blowing in the wind. I think i need some body maintenance :lol:
he! he! Having visions of leg hair flying about!!!!

I think its good to try things out because you see the whole story, the client care, the products, how things are explained, the results.

I also think its really funny to observe as a 'member of the public'.

One of my lifes ambitions is to visit as many spas as I can.
Which is really sad as so far I've only visited 4!!!!

Lilacm, I am hoping to go with Germaine de cappacinni. I am intrigued by their wraps as they say that they are self-heating.

the choc wrap I had yesterday was a Gerards.

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