Trying To Dye My Hair Into A Medium Brown Level 4 Gold Tone


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Oct 30, 2007
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ion Color Brilliance™ - Permanent Hair Color Shades

(if you look at that site I can tell you exactly which level,etc)
I dyed my hair in the beginning of September. Currently my hair is a level 4 (RC) red/copper with highlights running through it (bleach). I am aiming for the same level, but in a different tone (gold). From the Ion Brilliance line that I sent a link to you above. Which hair color would I use to cancel out my red/orange undertones to achieve a brown/gold hair color.? I am planning on getting my dye from that line so if you could tell me the exact #/shade. That would be great.!
Have you read over this thread? .....

Is this a professional line of products or is this site accessible to anyone?
I am not sure if you are actually a hair professional as you have not filled out your profile on this really helps other geeks answer your queries if you do fill out your profile with your level of expertise/experience. Thanks.

why dont you call the technical help line on there?

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