tv investigation about nail bars


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May 7, 2005
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norwich BUT was born in Liverpool
Thanks for posting this link - the damage to that nail was terrible - something needs to be done to stop these ns salons!
I think this is great news and i thought it was done very well....could have highlighted the fact that having acrylic nail enhancements NOT using MMA was fine, but hey ..that nail tech in the pink did have great natural nails. xx
I love the pronunciation of MMA, it did concentrate more on drills though, soon enough everyone can throw away their drills and files, they will all be using Poppits.
Thanks for opening my eyes cobweb, I did not know about any of that.

well my computer must be playing up because when i press play nothing happens!!!...i even went on the bbc website and it done the same there although,i did see a picture of a nail (that looked very bad) this what they are talking about? is this the damage from a nss bar?
I watched this on look east last night, think they were in milton keynes however a little bit annoyed with the poster about drills as its giving customers the wrong idea about techs who are trained in how to use one and basically says that drills cause damage. Files in the wrong hands can cause as much damage in my eyes and I only ever use a drill on enhancements never natural nails. I mainly use it to tidy up or to smooth off my hand file marks quicker. I much prefer using a hand file...
:irked:They didnt say anything about techs who damage nails using normal files which I feel is a bit scaremongering toward drills and the wrong way to bring the probs of nss to the front of peoples minds

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