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Jan 9, 2003
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So... Client comes in late. I mean... 15 minutes late.
You are booked solid and its first thing in the morning.

What to do?

ooooo... what if... to top it all off with... she is always 15 minutes late for her appointments.

I await with breath held.
If I was really booked solid and knew that there is no way I could do her that morning...

I would be super sweet and reschedule her...letting her know that there is just no way and smile and wave as she drove away...hoping that since she was actually inconvenienced this time...she will not be late next time.

Then complain about her all day...lol

gotta keep up the image...without that..what do we have?

Actually, I don't think I have any clients who are chronic come laters... I do have one who thinks that making it to the parking lot on time counts as being on time though. She will pull in just in time...then sit in her car for 5 to 8 minutes doing what I don't know...then come strolling in thinking she is right on time. But this woman is my one thorn...just waiting for reason to dump her.
If she was always 15 minutes late and her next appointment was at 9.30am I would tell her it was at 9.15 or 9.10 and hope she was there by 9.30!

If she was still late, depending on her service, I would tell her she would have to forego polish, massage, some luxury as 'punishment'!!

I'm really lucky ... most of my clients come in 10 minutes early so they can chat to the client before them!! :D
Here is what we do,
We have back to back bookings....city.........busy.......busy.......busy

City clients city rules for us................and it depends to the reason why they are late..........had to pop to Next before i came to you, then I am afraid sorry you will have to rescedule.
.................Was in a meeting and couldn't get out.................ok we will do our best, but the service will be shorter and we will do our best....as it will make us late for the next client.........
................. I told my secretary to let you know, but hey we never got the call..............ok fair point, but your service will be shorter.but again we will do our best.
We always give our clients the choice, reduced service ,rebook or let us do our best..

All this is said with a huge smile and the most pleasant manner.

But they are informed that our policy is that , when they book an appointment that, a no show after 15 minutes is classed as a cancelation and we will fit in whatever comes through the door and that we do appreciate a quick call if they are going to be late.
We do not have a cancelation fee or penalty, because what happens if we run late......................will they bill us????????????

But what about the flip side of the coin, how do you calm down an irate client cause you are running late ????????

We always explain why, and that it either a late client that made us late,or the maintenance turned out to be a complete new set, or we had to rebuild rome(the nasty icky sicky breakage) in a day lol

Must dash or I'll be late for my Voddy and Orange, and that wouldn't do at all now would it.
Love Ruth xxxx
I totally agree with both Ruth and Michelle.

Just like a naughty child, clients must be 'punished' and taught a leson if they misbehave but , the punishment must be given out in a firm and friendly way. They usually get the point.

I would NEVER abuse the client who is on time by making HER wait because the client BEFORE her was late ... no no no!

Clients like this can cost money and reputation. Better they go somewhere else and cost THEM money than you.
We have a booking fee system. The client pays his/her fee anytime b4 the appointment. If they "no show", they've lost it - we make them WELL aware of this. They have to give us at least 24 hrs notice if they don't wanna lose their ££££. They can rebook however. We were getting loads of no shows :( so had to introduce something.

With regards to l8 comers, if they turn up 10 mins l8, they have to rebook. If they phone b4 hand, they're told this.

If I had a client who consistantly turned up l8 :rolleyes: - I would book her next appiontment, & tell her it was 15mins earlier than I had booked her 4! ;)

As to when we run late :oops: - most clients don't mind. They sit down with a cuppa & just enjoy the banter! :D
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