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Oct 19, 2009
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Hey all,

Was wondering if anyone could provide so advice on uniforms!

All of my staff are employed, should I be buying their uniform for them or is it down to them to provide themselves?

Any advice is MUCH appreciated x
Around here, if a specific uniform is required--it is up to the employer to supply them. However if you just had a dress code and supplied a place to purchase a "type" of uniform (leaving the style up to them), they would need to purchase them.
If you require them to wear a uniform then yes you are responsible for providing it.
at my spa/salon, the general consensus for the spa girls is that we wish we could just wear scrubs. we're told to wear "nice" things, and we always end up getting things on our "nice" clothes and spending more money to buy more clothes. especially doing body wraps, pedicures etc. can be messy business.
hi i work self employed but we all wear a uniform , we pay half and the salon owner pays half that way we all look like part of a team :)
I supply one set of uniform for all the staff - employed and contractors and if the staff want more they can purchase themselves. IMO it is so much smarter to have them all in a nice uniform.

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