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May 13, 2004
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Hi everyone i have one more question, as i said i'm starting up at home and was wondering what people thought of this. I have 3\4 of my right arm tattooed and most of my legs which i love some of them are girly if you can say that about tattoos and never regret getting them, but i'm going to wear a uniform should i wear a long sleeve top or not?? do tattoos put clients off i dont know as i have only done friends so far.most people are amazed when they ask what i do for work because of my apperence,when i was training i asked them and they said it shouldnt be a problem as i keep them covered most of the time
so all thoughts on this would be great thanks S x :rolleyes:
i have 7 tattoos and like you i love them.
i think these days they are more accepted but sometimes i think certain situations you cover them and certain situations you dont.
myself personally i dont cover them as i used to have alot of peircings which i removed last year when i hit 31 i was more concious of them.
if your tattoos are pretty and not offencive i wouldnt worry.
if you are well presented when doing nails then people will see that.
i had pink streaks put in my hair last year some people like it some didnt
if one of your clients really doesnt like your tattoos then cover them for her next time.
but i would say dont worry it shows your artistic and creative streak you have so maybe they are a bonus
I would say it's best to guage it from each particular client - I might be being totally stupid here but (in my humble opinion!!!) I'd imagine that the younger end of your clientele wouldn't mind at all, but perhaps the slightly older clients might find it offensive. I guess you'll have to make a judgement as to what they sound like on the phone and dress accordingly on the day. It might be an idea to wear your normal short sleeved top with a light cardi type thing over the top, and then if you get chatting and find out they don't mind just take it off, but if they do then leave it on! Just read back my answer and i sound like a right old granny going on about a cardi! xxx
thanks guys i'm starting to calm down a bit i was getting a bit stressed about it,
you should wear what you feel comfy to work in, personally i get very hot when i work and could not consider long sleeves. as long as your nails are good it won't matter if you are tattooed or not. as you are home based no one will be looking in your shop window and making conclusions about you purely from your appearance.once they are in and go off with great nails your tattoos will be of no importance to them. :biggrin:
you're who you are! Anyone that has met Kelly at Milton Keynes will know that she has the most FANTASTIC, FABULOURS bright pink hair - and she is the most FANTASTIC, FABULOUS nail tech and trainer...i don't think anyone of us are 'put off' by her hair - personally i love it!
The only thing i would be put off by, would be a nail tech with crap nails...it's like going to a slimming club and the leader is 20stone!
The tattoos i've seen are works of art - i would love to see a piccy of yours! I only have two little ones, one on my hip and one on my bum. The one on my bum started life as a little mouse but over the years has grown into a great big sewer rat!! :D
that made me laugh !! started out as a mouse and is now a rat :biggrin: ,
I wouldn't worry about covering them up. Its part of who you are and i am sure clients will respect this. I think in society too much is made of first apperances.
i personally love them, i have a saxaphone on my right shoulder blade, which i put it there so i can cover it or show it. As everyone has said, its part of who you are, and i think too much emphasis is put on how you look these days. As long as you are clean and tidy and well presented it doesn't matter about tattoos.Plus i would be put off like Lesley if your nails were crap rather than a tatoo.:)
glad u asked this question, i've got tat's and recently got one on my right wrist and was worrid people might think it's unprofessional. could it prevent u gettin a job in a salon?
luckybird21 said:
glad u asked this question, i've got tat's and recently got one on my right wrist and was worrid people might think it's unprofessional. could it prevent u gettin a job in a salon?
i think there is new legislation that makes it illegal for employers to discriminate on the grounds of appearance.
at the end of the day, us nail techs are obviously an artistic bunch with an artistic flair, so i certainly wouldn't want my nails done by someone wearing tweed, twinsets and cardigans! you'd be suprised by how many ladies of a certain age are sporting tattoos...you only tend to see the ones on ankles and shoulders when the sun comes out. Stop worrying - if your nails are great then it doesn't matter whether you've got tattoos or not, but don't try to be something you are not - your tattoos are part of you! :biggrin:
thanks guys i must post a pic soon to see what you all think.. :p
I have trible from the back of my neck running down my back and when the older clients catch a glims of it they are most interested and aways ask if it hurt...I would'nt worry

Vicky xx
I have a horrible OLD tattoo on my forearm that was put there when I was 17 and passed out drunk, I won`t tell you what I went and did the following day but it wasn`t pleasant.
I am totally ashamed on mine and I never get drunk enough to pass out any more thats for sure. NO CAROLE I DON`T!!!!!
When I first passed beauty therapy I went to a few salons looking for work and there wasn`t one of them that didn`t make a point of looking and making me feel very inadequate, enough so I never wanted to work in a salon after that.
It is something I live with as I`d never get the money together to get rid of it but it is annoying when you can see in peoples eyes that you`re being judged without them even getting to know you.
If you like your tattoos then stand proud. And like Angel Fingers said, once they`re in and you produce great nails, they`re not going to be bothered in the least
I have an egyptian style tattoo on my arm and my clients always ask about it....eg did it hurt, and isn't it lovely! Like other people said - it shows your artistic side! I don't see how it makes someone less smart. My clients have never made a bad comment of given me the impression they don't like it.
So many people have tattoos now. I don't see the point in hiding them. We should open a new gallery and all post pics! If a client won't come to me just because they don't like my tattoo - I find it shallow and don't think I'd want to do their nails anyway!! LOL. I won't treat someone any less if I don't like their top or haircut etc! LOL.
I am still working in an office too at the moment and a few years ago I had my hair braided. I loved it. However, my boss didn't so I never had it done again. I can't wait to do nails full time and be me! (I should have told my boss I didn't like his haircut!See what he said then!LOL)
My clients don't mind. They like it. As long as you are clean and smart, with nice nails, I don't see the problem.I've never had one.

Sam XX
Tickled Pink! said:
The tattoos i've seen are works of art - i would love to see a piccy of yours! I only have two little ones, one on my hip and one on my bum. The one on my bum started life as a little mouse but over the years has grown into a great big sewer rat!! :D
OK, OK, someone get me off the floor! I'm in pain, I can't breathe, that is just sooooo funny!

A little story of my own.
I had always wanted pink hair. While at college, with mainly 16 to 18 year olds, a couple of the girls had colourful hair, and encouraged me to do it. I hadn't had anything done to my hair for years, and suddenly went from long brown hair to short, spiky, neon pink hair! I thought why not, so I had it for a few weeks, but I must admit, I had always intended it to be just while at college.
I am now growing out the bleach (to get neon pink hair you have to bleach it first!), but I have to say that my tutors agreed that I'd have a hard time of getting a job in the beauty industry with pink hair. They all said it was much better blonde than pink!


By the way, incase you were wondering about my avatar pic, I'd always wanted to have a go at being Marilyn Monroe, and on our last day our hairdressing tutor promised that he'd do whatever we wanted to our hair, so I had a Marilyn set! I can tell you, those curlers are v. uncomfortable! So when I got home I did a quick make-up job, got on my glad rags, and hubby took various Marilyn pose piccies in the garden!
I'm a fan of tattoos & would love to see a pic of yours. I have one - the chinese simbol for Angel (although my friend thinks it says - please select tattoo below LOL!!) If you are worried then I would cover it for the start of each treatment otherwise you'll be thinking too much about whether your client has noticed them rather than what you're doing & you don't want to come across as nervous in case she thinks you're nervous about doing her nails. Once you've done her nails & have won her over, then I'm sure she won't care if she sees them as she'll have beautiful nails. Some older clients might be scared that you'll want to match her nails to your tattoos LOL!! Maybe roll your sleeves up or take your cardi off at the end so she sees them & you'll know whether to cover them next time or not. Plus it makes a great talking point. Do put a pic of them on soon so we can all have a nose & let us know the general reaction to them.
I wouldn't worry about your Tattoos showing
In my nail and Beauty Studio my husband is the Tattooist and my son is a body piercer, we have all kinds of customers old and young no one has ever been put off coming to me.
If your tattoos have been professionaly done be proud of them they can be a great conversation piece.

Ruby :)
I totally agree Ruby!

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