Update on Winner of Winners. Geek Ring Challenge.


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Apr 24, 2005
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Hertforshire, England
Hi All, I thought I would just update you on the Geek of the Ring Challenge. I have pm'd the winners of the 3 rounds, Dessi, RachyRoo and Melissaq.

We all lead busy lives, so I have asked the winners to pm me back ASAP with a guideline as to when we can have all 3 entries in for polling by the geeks. One or two may be away finding some sun (it's certainly not here in the
UK :rolleyes:).

When I know more, I will let you know. Happy geeking!
I've already pm'ed ..........Looking forward to the challenge!...my thinking cap is already on!
I've had a pm now from Dessi too. Just awaiting RachyRoo's reply. Anybody know where Rachy is?
Sure Rach said that she was going on holiday.
Sure Rach said that she was going on holiday.
Thanks Gelly. Just helps to know. I'll wait to here from her. xx
EllaX is back from her hols and is working on her entry. As soon as I receive it I will post the poll.

Sorry for the long wait peeps. Out of mine and Ladybgemini's contol, but I don't think you have to wait too long now, lol. xx

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