urgent advice needed re tanning salon policies


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Aug 15, 2003
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North Yorkshire
hi i know this is completely unrelated to nails but i have a client who needs some advice on this matter b 4 she decides to take it any further.

For over a year she has beeen visiting a salon to use its stand up tanning booth. Her hubby purchased a block of minutes for a birthday pressie for her which she could use at her leisure but due to ill health she hasnt used them all.
At the beginning of december she recivd a letter from the salon saying that they were starting a new membership scheme whereby anyone using the unit has tp pay an annual subscription to be eligible for any new offers, and unless membershp is paid for they can no longer use the tanning unit.
the letter alos gave my client until the end of december to use all of her remaining minutes and if not used by then she would lose all of the minutes she had paid for.
is this right? can the salon really do this? i honestly don't think it is fair to do so which is why i am asking fr advice. thank you in advance

oh and by the way i am struggling with the new site so if u could possibly email me your replies that would be fab until i get chance to fathom everything out
Speak to owner manager to resolve issue if no movement then call the local trading standards office they will help (think comes under sale of goods act) ;) Hope this helps
Fab Freak said:
Speak to owner manager to resolve issue if no movement then call the local trading standards office they will help (think comes under sale of goods act) ;) Hope this helps

my client has already spoken to the owner who says she is completely within her rights to do this as she has given them a 28 day period to use all of the remaining minutes!!!
HI there!

what a terrible attitude, i would advise your client to go to the citezens advice centre or the trading standards as already sugested.
Hasnt this manager heard of good will!!!!!!!!!! :mad: :mad:
Sunbeds are bad for you any way tell her to give them away to the smelliest scruffiest person she can find that'll teach em!! (oops nasty girl smack my hand!!) lol............
:twisted: ;)
Well in my Tanning Salon where I rent space, we have Membership option and regular time block and single time slot options.................
The only restriction we have , that all time blocks expire after one year................But we have a goodwill policy practice to.......everything is negotiable, with the owners discression!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Not sure where she stands with the 28 day notification...........Office of fair trading will be her best bet, to get advice from..............
But I am sure unless she has signed a client record card ,where the small print states anything about price changes and limitations,statue of limitation on her time balance, she should have a good case......When she brought the time it was in good faith and they might just have to honour that...............
But get her to check it out,before she goes in there guns blazing !!!!
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