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Sep 15, 2010
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Hi All

I have done my first set of gel nails and after only a few days my client has said that some of the gel on one of her thumbs has come off. I need to go today to repair the gel but confused how I do this.

Do i remove all the gel and start again or do i treat it like an infill?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks xx
The best thing to do is decide how to treat it once you have got to look at it.

I see by your profile that you have only recently qualified, is that right?

It depends what's happening with the nail, but I'd most likely just treat as an infil by removing the lifted product , prep & re-apply as normal.

Also, whilst you are there you can have a quick look at her other nails & see how they are doing xxx
Hi Bev

Thanks for your reply. Your answer has helped alot. It will really depend how it looks when I see if for myself.

I have only been doing gel nails since August 2010 through the Carlton Institute but don't rate them highly as I feel I have very little knowledge still and the course did not cover everything.

Thanks again xx
I would be giving your tutor a call then and explain you dont feel the course was up to a high standard to allow you to be able to do nails!

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