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Mar 15, 2012
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I did a tanning party last night everything went well and I've just had a phone call saying theres tan on the wallpaper above the skirting board! I had my machine on a towel and obviously no tan goes in the actual machine bit so don't know how that has happened! Shes asked me to sort it and ring back but i have no idea what to do! Please help feel like crying :(
Not enough ventilation :(
Depending on your machine it sounds to me like the machine has been sucking in the tan in the air and obviously it concentrates it in the exhaust part of the machine when it's not pumping air out the gun.

More likely to happen with tanning parties as there is so much more solution in the air - I would check your insurance policy to see what it states and failing that find out what it would cost to make good the damage... Obviously you need to see the damage and work out what exactly will need to be done to repair it...
I think you need to see the damage first as it may not even be anything to do with your tan. Some people will try anything to get something for nothing:eek:

If the damage is a result of your treatment speak to your insurance company. Try not to worry too much.
this may help but u maybe able to clean it with a product nt sure which though jst an idea :lol:

hope u get it sorted out x
this may help but u maybe able to clean it with a product nt sure which though jst an idea :lol:

hope u get it sorted out x

I wouldn't attempt removing anything from wallpaper if I were you. You could cause even more damage.

Find out firstly if it's definitely tanning solution, if it is speak to your insurance providers before anything else.
Just a thought but in future why not get each host or the home owner to sign a form once you are cleared away stating you haven't broken or damaged any of their stuff that way things later on cant come back on you xx
That's a really good idea with the form
Yeah not enough ventilation.. To be honest tan goes everywhere! You should go back to her house and check the 'damage'.. And I know people have said not to touch the wallpaper but I once got tan on my wallpaper and by using a damp cloth (not wet) just slightly damp it came off without ruining the paper! Don't worry x
Thanks for all your replies i can't stop worrying! I rang her back no answer so text her saying as it's never happened before all I can think of is I try and get it off or if she has any spare wallpaper I will get someone to put it up, don't know what else I can do! But she hasn't replied. Great idea about forms definatley will do that! Xx
Ive used baby wipes on wallpaper and paint and that's fine x

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