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May 2, 2016
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Hi :)

I'm opening my own Beauty Salon after being freelance and renting rooms for the past 9 years.

After lots of thinking and talking it over with various people I've decided to use my own name as my business name. I'm getting a logo made and have been pondering whether my business name would be a) [my name] nails and beauty, or b) [my name] as business name and then nails and beauty as a tag line?

Jo xx
I'd go with B!
I vote for option b
Thanks! That's what I've decided to do [emoji106]
I use (b) as my sign
It works well.
Definitely b)

But if you want a website, i'd drop the 'nails & beauty' part from the url and just keep your name.
Shorter the better when it comes to URLs!

Questions like these are really just subjective.

In IMHO, for some reason I detest salon's with owner names, it gives me the impression of pomposity and being less welcoming, and I tend to make re-route to somewhere else.

Probably just me, so please don't be offended.
I'm sure it's not just you [emoji4]

I could not think of a name for my salon at all, I asked for suggestions from family and friends, did endless google searches but couldn't find anything I liked.

I finally decided to call it my name because I didn't want people in my area to think of it as 'another salon' opening up, I want people to know that it's me relocating. It made sense for me to call it my name.

It may be a little pompous I guess but I don't personally think it's less welcoming, I think it gives a more personal touch, but maybe that's just me [emoji4]

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