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Feb 23, 2012
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Does anyone offer this service? I don't really want to but for the odd occasion that a client has broken a nail off completely (hence can't be repaired) and doesn't want it to look odd do you do this?

I did try it out on my daughter a couple of weeks ago and told her it would probably only last a few days but would give the nail a chance to grow but she still had it on over 2 weeks later. I was gobsmacked as she's usually VERY heavy on her hands and it was also her index finger on her right hand, therefore the worst nail going!
I dont offer it as a service but i had a tip put on on my gelish training day with structure gel and it lasted the 3 weeks no problem i soaked it off , it was put on with structure hth x
I've got 2 tips on at the mo, it's not one thing I would promote but for a couple of breaks they're fine, (so long as they,re built properly ) x
Yes I did put structure gel and a silk wrap on it too so that's what probably helped it stay. In that case I may just offer it but not really "advertise" it so to speak. And obviously I won't let them have them very long either!

Thanks guys.
I have done this on my friend who had beautiful long natural nails but had broken 2. I didn't have structure gel so only did tips, foundation, color, topitoffx2 and that stayed on until soak off!:)
i would say it depends on what your trained in , if only mani / pedi then no i dont think you shuld be offering enhancements ,

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