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Jul 16, 2012
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stoke on trent
Do you think there is any point being trained on this, is there any call for it?

Do you know of any training in the midlands area soon? :biggrin:
No no no... In my personal honest opinion I think it is very tacky!!!! I'd be absolutely mortified to even try and advertise this in my salon lol. I really would.
I have never had one or had call for them but am about to introduce intimate waxing and I have a client who has never had a hollywood before but wants to give her husband one for Christmas. We've been really laughing about it - does she gift wrap it, or just go home and whip her clothes off shouting "Surprise!!!" Then I thought of Vajazzles and keep on tittering to myself at the thought of 'Christmas Vajazzles' and plonking a reindeer on her newly waxed noony.

I didn't even know you had to train in them - thought you just peeled them off and put them on.

Might have to buy one for the crack - not literally!!!
You have an alcohol wipe to cleanse the area prior to applying which helps adhesion. However to clean with an alcohol wipe immediately after intimate waxing!!! Wow just watch those ladies scream!!!
I have them on my menu, but it's not a big fact it's a talking point for my clients and we have a chuckle about it
Thought it might be good for parties, they don't all have to go on the vaj can go all over body
Crickett Enos is comming over from the US and will be talking about vajazzles and vajacials at the Wax Show UK next weekend

Brazilians and Beyond
Wouldn't waste your money training...Sally's has them all reduced to some and follow the instructions. I've not done any since they started selling them in poundland!
Surely by the time the client has put their clothing on and travelled home I would imagine they would have fallen off or come loose.

I only do male waxing but my female therapist friends tell me that it's not a popular add on after waxing so I would invest your training money in something that will give you a better return.

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