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Aug 28, 2003
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i was out xmas shopping today and i went into my local superdrug...there was a basket full of sale items which included a nail glitter kit for it was 3 pots of different coloured very fine glitter a top coat a base coat a brush and a small bottle of brush cleaner

what i was wondering was if the glitter could be mixed with acrylic or gel or is the glitter that i have been reading about in previous posts different?

the glitter is very fine...almost like powder, so would it be ok to use it?

if it is then i would advise you all to get yourselves down to superdrug and stock up because 3 pots for 99p plus some extras into the bargain cant be bad :D

can anybody help :?: :?: :?: :?:
most small glitter is ok to add to any system as long as you don`t add too much, it`ll put the balance of liquid and powder out and if using gel, it`ll thicken up too much.
If putting glitter into gel you have to mix it well as it will sink to the bottom pretty quickly.
thanks debs.........i have a pot of star nails gel that is a bit old so it wont matter if it gets wasted, i will have a play around with that on handy andy the training hand tomorrow :D

I did a search and found this!!!!!

Liza wrote:
i have been mixing glitter with powder 4 a long time now.
if u r using the mix on the free edge you can get away with a 1:1 mix (thin layer of clear 1st & thin layer of clear on top)

however if ur using the mix in zones 2 & 3 ( the natural nail), then the most u can get away with is 1 part glitter to 2 parts powder, (don't forget the clear powder under & over).

hope this answers the ratio question..........
Enjoy playing
love Ruth xxx
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