Vinylux-Moonlight & Roses?


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Jan 17, 2012
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Hello, does anyone know if they will bring out moonlight and roses? I have a client who only has this as her shellac manicure with me, and as she lives far away in between monthly appts with me has a natural Mani where she lives. But ideally wants moonlight and roses as a varnish her manicurist can use also!
Best people to ask are Sweet Squared. As the UK distributors they're really the only people who can give you correct information.
It's strange we have had 6/7 new* Shellac colours without matching Vinylux counterparts. Whereas I though they were going to be bringing out more Vinylux to 'catch up' with the Shellac

*depending on whether you count ruby ritz as new

There hasn't been any official or unofficial news that I am aware of about any new Vinylux shades, just the shellac 2014 releases.
Could you custom mix her some vinylux to get as close a colour match as possible?
I'm not a vinylux user as such, I haven't added it to my service list as yet. But I am aware of it of course, so not really sure what could custom mix it except maybe strawberry smoothie is similar. Anyway I'll have to ask S2 for an updated list etc. I just figured if anyone here knew.

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