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Dec 11, 2007
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Could someone please help me.i got giving a question on:
Research the types of consultation dociuments or visual aids and explain how they can contribute to the effictive consultation.
Now i understand what the question is saying but havent got an idea how to put it into words please help ive only got till friday and its the l,ast thing im stuck on

Thanks Lesa
I think what the question is getting to is

what if you had a person who didn't speak English in for a treatment, how would you conduct a consultation?

also, if you were doing a consultation for a specific treatment, say reflexology, as part of the consultation, you could use a map of the reflexes to show how the reflexes mirror the body.
sent you a pm hunny
electrolysis would be a good example for this one, sterex do some lovely big colour diagrams of a cross section of the skin and hair, which you could show to the client and explain what will happen depending on if you use galvanic, SWD or blend :)

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