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Sep 28, 2004
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West Yorkshire, UK
Hiya geeks,

Looking for some advice please. Does anyone, doesn't matter what industry, use gift vouchers???
If so, do you have an exp. date/timescale? I have been using CND, which have a 3 month expiration. If a client comes to you after the exp date, what do you do?

Thanks in advance for replying

Jooles x
When i sell them i always make sure i point out that they have an expiry date this way the person has no excuse,
it has only happened to me once and it was a voucher that had been sold to a client by the previous owner so it was about 2 month out of date, i refused the voucher and explained why,
she wasn't pleased and i may have lost a client but i don't want clients that think they can mess me about anyway,
i also charge 50% if someone cancels their appointment without giving 24hrs notice, i have only had to do it it once and its amazing how word gets round and clients stop messing you about
Thanks Loubylou,
I don't know what to do, a clients husband ( well she's not that regular) bought her a voucher before xmas 2006, she has just text me wanting to make an appt saying she has the voucher!!! its 9 months ago!! didnt know where I stood legally either?
I have 2 salons and we get this all the time! Ours are valid for a year and i have had someone try and use one that is 6 years old! I normally let them if they are adding value to it but explain i am doing this as a gesture of good will, e.g if the voucher is for a manicure i would make them have a deluxe and pay the extra!

Its really annoying though. I can't imagine people go into M&S with an out of date voucher and expect to be able to use it!
If the voucher has a date on it you are legally with in your rights to refuse,
and if it has taken her 9 month to make an appointment you wont be losing a regular client
Hi I have a client make me mine. She does a great job, she puts little handbags, parcels, hands, feet etc on to them. She also sticks on pearls, rhinestones etc. I do her a full set of acrylic extensions in return for 25 gift vouchers with envelopes all hand made. They practically sell themselves they are so nice. My client makes out of it and so do. I do not put a time limit on my gift cards, I have not found any cause to as they book pretty much as soon as they get them and have not found it necessary.
thanks everyone for your feedback, very much appreciated and got me thinking !!!
Mine are valid for 6 months.
Hi Mannipatch, your cards sound very nice, is there anyway you can post a picture of them??

Thanks very much
Mine are valid for three months, and I put in the terms and conditions
'This voucher is valid for three months from the date of issue. This will only be extended under exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the therapist.'

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