Wahoo! I Passed!


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Jo Jo

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Oct 6, 2003
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Just thought I'd let everyone who was kind enough to send me their best wishes and good luck that I have passed my foundation course exam!!! :goal: I'm as happy as a pig in.... erm... mud!!! :eyesore: Right.... I can get ordering now! wahoo!!! Jxxx
that is brill ,you will be walking round all day with a big grin on your face, i know i was! it is such an ace feeling when you have passed something you have really wanted ,so enjoy your day
Great news JO JO well done babe
Take care Dawnie xx
Well Done Jo Jo, Have a great time spending............. P
A massive WELL DONE!!!! Jo. I bet you're over the moon!!
I'm looking into doing the foundation course with Creative so I would be interested to know how difficult it is. Did anyone fail?

Again well done and happy nail enhancing!!

:thumbsup: :eyesore:


If you live in Warwickshire you'd probably go to the west mids ambassador Jane Cook and she's FANTASTIC, I did my four day foundation last year with Jane and I also had several one 2 one's her, she is very patient and really really down to earth, there was a few that struggled on the day but i believe they went on to pass at a later date.

Hi Kaie. Sounds like I will get great assistance for the course then :D
I'm waiting to hear back from Creative regarding dates for the foundation course in the new year. Really excited about it but am terrified at the same time. worried about the written test. Hate them, hate them, hate them ahhhhh!

What did some generally fail on? Was it the written test or was it down to their technique?

Is there anything I can read up on or learn or have a go at to improve my chances of doing well on the course?

well done jo jo
Sawasdee ka

Very good for you that you make certificate i very happy for you ka .

Kop khun ka mui
Well done :D Good news.
A well deserved celebratory spend is well in order for you!!!!
Thank you, you guys!!! it's so nice to have supportive people! I will be having a BIG drink tonight thats for sure! :trashed: Lots of love Jxxxxx
As far as the exam goes .... stop stressing ... very counterproductive.
Don't do anything beore the class.

My advice is, listen have an open mind, take good notes and learn. No one has trouble retaining knowledge when it's something in which one is interested !!

If you go in to an exam with the idea that you will fail because you think you are no good as exams ... then you probably will ... sorry but that is the truth. We do everything we can to get you through. If you don't come up to the mark, then you can work on the areas in which you are weak and do those questions again.

You do have to pass ... you can't buy a certificate with the course from Creative.
Congratulations JO JO,
bet you'll have the first decent nights sleep tonight you've had for ages ! Especially after a wee celebratory drinky !! Enjoy, you deserve it!!

Have one for me!! hic! Fiona x
a really big well done from me and peanut

love faye xxxxx
I have to disagree with you slightly on that one Geeg, I went into my foundation exam thinking I`d fail because I open test papers and draw a blank, I never understand how I pass, I couldn`t tell you to this day what was in the paper. I`m always the same in a test situation.
It must be like you say, we retain it if we have an interest in it, I`ll remember that in future, I would like to approach a test without getting so bad with it. After all, I do want to go on and pass my masters, lol
well done you must feel on top of the world,
lisa :D
A huge well done Babe

Well done
love Ruth xxx
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