Want 2 be a nail tech can't find a course????


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Jul 16, 2004
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Hinckley, Leicestershire

I'm looking to become a nail tech but i am having real trouble finding a good course in my area west sussex can anyone advise or help me????


Pickle Gem

P.s Do clients want gel or acrylics which is most popular????
hi i am not sure if creative do training in your area but i would have thought so, they are very good , but if you do a search on training i am sure you will get some better ideas for what to do , just type it in to the search box at the top , hope this helps love dee
Star Nails have training centres all over the country. You could give them a call (United Beauty: 0845 6010196) and see what is available in your neck of the woods.
i would definately see the Search option on here as all the good courses are on it. Also do a bit of research in your area to what is available and on offer from othere techs and salons, this will give you a good indication of what is popular. Also you could try and include something thatisn't on offer so to have the edge when you go mobile or work in a salon.

I have found in my area, most people offer Gels or acrylic L&P, but there isn't any salons offering Fibreglass so i can offer something else as well as Acrylic L&P. Juat a thought, plus you can see the sort of prices that your area charge for these services and give you an idea what you should be charging WHEN you are qualified and had lots of practise.

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