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Fab Freak

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Dec 16, 2003
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Bondsville, West Yorkshire
When to BB show this week & my friend got a Su-do spray tanning machine & guess what you can convert the head (gun) into a smaller version for doing nail art - she says i can use it whenever I want? Have any of you girls done the same thing and can give me any tips or handy hints?
one thing to make sure is that the compressor has a regulator - you'll need this for nail art. I'm pretty sure the su-do compressor does have this but check out before investing any money in the paints, airgun etc! I did a course with Spangles Gold in airbrushing - it was only one day but covered cleaning, setting up the compressor, setting the correct psi etc - the arty bit is all down to imagination - but it did teach techniques etc. Having said all that though, i actually don't do much airbrushing :sad: and i certainly haven't recouped my investment yet but i do love it! Atleast i have fab airbrushed nails which are a great advertisment!
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