Want to REALLY know the difference between Shellac and the other guys?


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Classy as always heather :)
Absolutely brilliant for anyone using any UV cured colour coat system to watch.

... It will teach you allot about the gel you use and why it behaves as it does and it will explain to other users why Shellac is different in its technology and the way it works.

It will also give you a short class on UV lamps and LED and how they work.

PS and our research chemist CHad Conger is pretty easy on the eye too! Lol
Loved that and very interesting (I could watch him again) lol

Everyone should watch it !!!!
PS and our research chemist CHad Conger is pretty easy on the eye too! Lol

Yep, he could go on for another hour :D
Amazing! Thank you Heather ( and Chad!) :Love:

Just when you think you know stuff CND blows your mind again :D

What a great way to celebrate CND Shellac's 2nd Birthday :hug:

Thanks CND for making this video - informative and FACTUAL!!! (Chad also cheered up my Wednesday).
Fantastic really informative and not tooo difficult to watch too! cheered up a dull(outside) morning :)
What a great video.
Even though yes Chad is a nice way to start the day I have to say I love looking at the models hands. They are so perfect, her natural nails are beautiful. Which proves that the nail isn't damaged with shellac ( when prep and products are used and removed properly)
Vicki xx
Thanks for the video. Helps explain alot! Chad helped wake me up with my morning cuppa!
Awesome vid, thanks for posting! :)
Brilliant video easily explaining the whole system.

Anyone who watches this and still does not accept the importance of the whole system used in the correct way should not be using Shellac.

Sadly Chad doesn't look like Axl but he's still easy on the eye :wink2:

Jacqui xx
thank you so much, this is so.helpful xxx

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great vid, i hope everyone who needs to watches it.

and he kinda blows the whole stereotype about chemists/scientists out of the water doesn't he.:wink2:

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