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Wanted Cnd/Ezflow salon to hire a Cnd/Ezflow nail technician


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Feb 22, 2007
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South Yorkshire
Hello, if any one could help that would be great:) I am a creative/ Ezflow & Calgel nail technician to put all the skills I have learned into practice for 16 hours a week, I am qualified in

Cnd Acrylic
Cnd Gel
Cnd Silk & Fiberglass
Cnd Mani & Pedi
Cnd Pre masters

Courses ongoing

Level 2 beauty therapy to finish July 2008

Courses booked

Trouble shooting & application
Master sculpting
Ezflow design
Ezflow HD

Courses for 2008 if all goes well

Cnd pre masters gel March 2008
Cnd pre masters mani & pedi April 2008
Masters acrylic about Xmas 2008
Master gel Xmas 2008
Master mani & Pedi Xmas 2008

I have done all this training and work mobile 1 day a week on family and friends, but never worked in a salon or gone mobile properly and my times need improving, and I could do with a little guidance so if you have any vacancies and could offer me the support and on going training within the salon please get in touch, I am in Yorkshire and able to work Tuesday up to 5pm Friday till late,all day Saturday till late, I am looking for 16 hours a week so 2 full days or 3 half, if you don,t have these day vacant but others I am sure I can find child care for different days please pm me! I am willing to pay for all my own on going training, if you have any thing at all even if it is less that 16 hours please please pm me:hug: I am looking for long term employment to start after xmas!
Thanks Dee xx
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