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Jan 13, 2006
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We have all been under a lot of strain and stress what with the xmas rush when we work those miricles 14 hours a day 5 days a week without a break and always look like it was effortless. But during the rush of it all I have aquired an extra xmas pressie as I have found that I have got a small wart coming up on the palm of my hand. I wash with anti bac hand wash before and after clients and use antibac Gels during treatments and I always check that clients dont have any warts or verrucas or other nasties. I just havent got a clue where this has come from. Has anyone had anything similar happen to them and could it be caused with stress and working too hard. I will get it burnt off but for the time being I am keeping it covered as much as possible. I would be interested to know if anything similar has happened to anyone else.
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Maybe you've had a client with a wart and not noticed because you've been so busy?
I remember reading (maybe on here somewhere?) about covering a wart with nail enamel but can't think of which thread tbh.

Sorry I think it was an article in Scratch mag a while ago.
I can honestly say I always check regardless of how busy I am so I am surprised that anything got by me or even survived long enough on my hands as I am a bit of a sterile freak when it comes to hands. I never thought of nail enamel to cover it up though. I will check it out. Thanks for the Info
Simply touching a wart on someone doesn't guarantee that you'll get one. But the viruses that cause warts are passed from person to person by close physical contact or from a surface that a person with a wart touches, like a bathmat or a shower floor.

A tiny cut or scratch can make any area of skin more vulnerable to warts. Also, picking at a wart can spread warts to other parts of the body.

The length of time between when someone is exposed to the virus that causes warts and when a wart appears varies. Warts can grow very slowly and may take weeks or longer, in some cases, to develop.

Warts are not higly contagious and usually require a small break in the skin to cause infection.
Just thought I'd add that some people can carry the virus and actually not show physical symptoms x

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