Was Katie Price using Shellac?


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May 12, 2010
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I don't know if anyone watched Katie and Alex (or whatever it's called) but at the end when they were having an argument about whether to sleep in the same room, did she have Shellac wraps on?
didnt see it but i thought she was a die hard acrylic fan. if she always has acrylics i would doubt she had shellac. if anyone saw would be great to hear your opinions!
I was thinking that too... but then I noticed that after they were removed she had very short nails and her nails were long before so I think she still wears acrylic :)
not CDN shellac remover pads they were just tin foil... as we would take acrylics off xx she likes long and fake lol...x i think katie price is fab lol.x
oooh I love reality tv - I didn't realise it was on! luckily its repeated in a few mins so can sky plus it and check out if she has or not!! :lol:
Shellac is not a 'wrap' it is a colour coat system and I don't think anyone could tell if someones colour was Shellac or polish as it is just colour!

You can apply Shellac colour over enhanced nails however so who knows? .. it could have been, but then it could have been anything.
Shellac is not a 'wrap' it is a colour coat system and I

Geeg - I think SJK meant Shellac Remover wraps, as Katie had her fingers wrapped in something.

I too rewound the Sky+ to check and believe it was silver foil to soak of her L&P extensions - we're like eagle eyed hawks :lol:
I did mean that the Shellac remover wraps - I wouldn't call Shellac a wrap because everyone knows what Shellac is if they've spent some time on these forums even if they don't use it themselves.

Glad to see other eagle-eyed geeks were watching and could help with comments. It's a shame it wasn't Shellac but she is a bit set in her ways.
They were not the Shellac remover wraps - she had her acrylic nails soaked off. :)
Ok, I think we have established that it was foil soaking off her l&p enhancements.

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