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Jan 9, 2003
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Helen from the primetime BBC program Watchdog emailed me this afternoon (she was the director of the MMA segment) to assure me that the segment will be airing tonight on the BBC at 7pm GMT.

Afterward, we shall all be jumping in the proverbial pool (chat room) to discuss the event.

In order to access the chat room, you will need to be logged in. If you have never registered on the site, you must do so in order to log in. Damn good thing its so freaking easy and free ;)

See you there.
thank goodness for that :fire:
i can now txt everyone i know, to tell them !!!!!!!!!!!!!
i had held off because of the embaressing scenarios in the salon the nxt day :oops: :oops:
looking forward to it :D
lol liza xx
will be there watching sam and so will alot of my friends and clients but will not be in chat till after eastenders is done :flower: :D
Last client at 6.30 pm, so will miss it unfortunately but hubby has promised to tape it for me. Will check chat room when I get in to see if anyone is still around.

Can't wait to watch it, with have video on when I come home for sure.

Jue ;)
see you all in the chat room after eastenders :D
Dear Samuel - Geek Master and all the Geek techs out there

I was extremely worried that the BBC on Watchdog would twist the subject and make the industry as a whole look bad. I was so pleased to watch a very professional documentary which highlighted issues that all industry professionals should take seriously and more importantly it gave the consumers a platform to move on from. Now they know what to ask!

You and Jacqui Jefford were brilliant. Well done, I was so impressed to watch you do what you both do best - champion the nail industry!

Thank you.

We will, as an industry, get there, and we will be professional and we will give the consumer what they need - we will work towards getting an industry which believes in itself and does its job to the best of its ability.

Just give us time.

All techs watching this board - you know what you have to do!
Get qualified - practise your skills, keep training, believe in yourself and your services. You change people's lives. I know it. I was a nail biter for 30 years - I now wear extensions - I would never look back - it's changed my life. Remember - you give people a feeling they can't get anywhere else.
Believe me - this industry rocks.

For goodness sake - hair and make-up is enjoying too much of the media market - it's time that we reminded people that nails complete a look!

Yes- NAILS! We complete the look - we have landed.

All nail techs out there - believe it

it's true - we have so much more too look forward to - this is only the beginning.

It won't be long before every designer, every magazine editor and every music video will be looking for your services.

Hold on tight
it's gonna happen

lots of love

Alex Fox
Scratch magazine
01763 262 874
(I think this industry is rock and roll)

Thank you for that... you are soooo right!!! The Geeks on this board know it and we WILL see great things.... this industry hasn't even begun to plateau yet!! :p ;)
Ohhhhhh Alexxxxxxx!!

You got me wishin I wasn't 55 and was just starting over again!!

Still I'm not completely over the hill yet - still have much to offer - and everything you say is what I have strived for my whole career.

I have been teaching, living, and breathing quality education for nail technicians for 15 years in the UK and am proud to say I have trained many of the most admired nail technicians who are at the forefront of the UK nail industry today .... Nail technicians are all waking up to it and finally becoming proud of it ... instead of the ones who arrogant about the fact that they have no more to learn and know it all!! Still a lot of those about I'm afraid. But unfortunately with that attitude they will be overtaken and left in the dust.

My motto .... if you don't make dust,,,,you eat dust!
I have had many emails recently, especially over night, concerning the MMA issue in the UK. Some of the questions posed to me made it quite obvious to me that UK techs generally are not as versed on the topic as your US conterparts are. I just typed a long reply to one UK tech and thought it would be helpful to post it here for everyone to get better aqauinted with their newest enemy and how to deal with it on all fronts.
New York Licensed Nail Specialist 1994

MMA has been a large issue in the US for many years. The issue is ONLY with the LIQUID form of MMA, in powders and in other products such as gels is not a problem, it is the liquid form only.

Yes you are absolutely correct when saying there are alternative products. The safer alternative in the case of acrylic liquids would contain EMA -- Ethyl (not Methyl) Methacrylate

What you are reading in primers is not MMA but rather MAA (Meth Acrylic Acid). Resins are almost always purely cyanoacrylates in nature.

Here are reasons why MMA is bad for nail enhancement applications:

1. MMA is solvent resistant - MMA does not soak off easily or in a reasonable length of time, causing undue exposure to acetone while soaking. Most Non-Standard salons (NSS*) will simply RIP the nails off or pry them off causing extreme damage to the natural nail plate. If a weakened nail plate or damaged nail plate is already present, (normal is when MMA is used) the exposure problems while soaking off MMA become a larger concern, not to mention the ill effects and pain of ripping off the enhancements. EMA should take about 20 minutes or less to soak off, while MMA will take two or more hours to remove by soaking in acetone.

2. Very hard as a cured substance. To remove, or maintain an MMA enhancement, a drill (electric file or e-file as we call it) will most often be used. E-files, used by a technician who has been fully trained, are not dangerous or harmful to the natural nail plate. However, many who use this tool are untrained and have been known to cause excessive damage to the nail plate - rings of fire - by drilling into the nail plate, sometimes THROUGH the nail plate into the nail bed (sometimes this causes permanent damage). Additionally, when a nail enhancement of MMA is banged or knocked, it has little to no flexibility and will break severely, often taking the nail plate with it. EMA is formulated to be flexible, the enhancement will break, sometimes the nail, but not usually damage the nail plate.

2. Poor adhesion - To make MMA adhere well to the nail, overly rough preparation methods are used. The nail plate is "roughed up" with a coarse file, creating in effect, a shag carpet look to the nail plate, giving the MMA something to adhere to. This process thins and weakens the nail plate allowing more chemicals to be absorbed through the weakened nail plate during application and curing time. All acrylic enhancements, while hard enough to file in 1-4 minutes, continue to cure for as long as 36-48 hours after application.

All 3 of the above items will cause weakened and or damaged nail plates, something we surely do not want to do.

4. The US based FDA (Food & Drug Administration), as far back as early 1970's, has stated and still states that MMA is a poisonous and deleterious substance and should not be used in liquid acrylic monomer for nail products.
"FDA continues to believe that this substance, when used in cosmetic fingernail preparations, is a poisonous and deleterious substance". 3/2000

Banned is not really the proper term here in reference to MMA. . It is PROHIBITED in many US states. Yes some states use the term banned, but prohibited is really the correct terminology especially if there is a law, rule or policy enforce within a state's legal system.
Websters and American Heritage dictionary both define prohibit as: To forbid by authority.

If you want to get some serious education on this subject you should visit BeautyTech Articles and scroll down to the Nail Technician Articles section. There you will find dozens of articles, links to US government information and TV and newspaper articles. As well helpful information about how to discuss this with your potential & current clients. There are links also to several printable flyers and pamphlets to hand out to clients and an informational article about the differences between MMA & MAA (courtesy of OPI)
I for one, was very anxious about the programme, thinking they may put across a bad opinion of our industry as a whole and was extremely impressed with the outcome. The only thing I`m a little concerned with is the mention of electric files, I felt the programme was against them and those that have had adequate training with an electric file may have a few difficulties on reflection of the programme. I do hope they don`t, because in my opinion it doesn`t make them bad technicians in using them if they`ve had appropriate training.
After all that waffle, I have to say, a huge well done to everyone who participated in making the programme as great as it was and for making the public aware of just how good the rest of us are
What a great piece Alex - Thank you!!! :D
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