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liza smith

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Jul 1, 2003
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sittingbourne, kent
hiya everyone :D
you must all watch watchdog on BBC1 nxt tues at 7pm.
it is an expose of the sub-standard nail salons that are popping up everywhere lately :evil:
i had the pleasure of being with the crew all day & doing the nails on kate, the presenter :shock: :D :shock:
i only got the call at 4pm on tues :shock:
creative were approached to offer the proffessional side of the situation.
samuel was interveiwed at length on the important stuff like mma & how to spot it.
it definately was an eye opener into how hard the t.v crews work.
we started in a salon in the king's rd just b4 9.00, went to 3 different locations & finished at 8.15!
all that time filming for about 15mins on t.v!
it was a great day, one for the portfolio!
looking forward to watching how they edit it all together, i don't think i'm in camera much, but at least my nails will be :D
also, you will all have the chance to see samuel doing us proud :D
lol liza xx
And another one for the port-folio xxxxxxxxxx
Yea a great chance me thinks for succes nail story ..
With a bit of luck and enough airtime, this shold be an eye opener for th public.
It will show them how great nails can be and how crappy they can be to....... As they say NNS are Fur coat and no knickers lol ................

Well done babe you have done us proud too !!!!!!
Your nails rock and the public will see that too !!!!
Early finish for me at work so I can be home in time to watch it !!!!!!!!!

This is important and I wont want to miss this!!!!
So again well done Sam and Liza , you guys are fab xxxx

love Ruth xxx
lol :D loved your quote "all fur coat & no knickers" , that will keep me going all day!! :D
seriously, hope the programme does us all proud
lol liza xx
I can forecast a power surge coming on next Tuesday at 7pm, I wonder how many will be watching............ I wouldn`t miss it for anything, its great that we can put the record straight on live tv, well done Sam, and Liza, can`t wait to see those nails
Someone (Samantha, Geek) BETTER do a copy for me ... cause we can't get the BEEB here in Spain.

However I have had dealings with Watchdog before ... and it has to be said that they do not always present a FAIR case. Many people have taken them to court and won against unfair7biased7sensational comments etc. They like the sensational so be prepared ... I hope they do the issue justice without slamming all nail tehnicains and the nail industry in generl!!
geeg said:
..... They like the sensational so be prepared ... I hope they do the issue justice without slamming all nail tehnicains and the nail industry in generl!!

If they do present a poor image of the nail industry then they better be prepared for 800 plus (board members) more letters in their postbag LOL.
Too right Fiona. I for one will write a damning letter if they don't present a fair portrayal of 'good' technicians. I'm being nice here so I don't get jumped on!!!
Hi all

I have told everyone to watch it ! some of my hairdresser collegues are gonna tape it, also had a few complaints about the non standard salon in my town by a few clients told them to watch watch dog too.

I am spreading the word about tuesday nights programme.

Cazza :D :D
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