wax differences??


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Oct 14, 2006
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Hi all

I have been reading some of your threads about waxing and i got the impression that some waxes were much better than others. I may sound a bit thick, but i was never ever taught that waxes were different, I really thought that wax was wax and all waxes lasted the same amount of time depending on hair growth patterns etc. I feel a bit daft now to be honest!
My eyebrows need to be waxed every 3 weeks and I thought that this was just because I have strong hair growth. but I am only using a run of the mill wax, could it be this?
Any advice would be great!
thanx guys xxx
No wax will make a difference on hair growth. If your eyebrows need waxing every 3 weeks... then that's what you do. 3-4 weeks is normal for eyebrows.
As said, your hair growth is your hairgrowth.
The difference with a quality wax is it's easier to apply & remove & is more effective with removing the hair. A good wax is usually gentler on the skin too.
thankyou guys
You have put my mind at rest, :)

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